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Our termite technician uses Thermal Imaging and Radar Detection technology to look for signs of any current or past termite, or white ant, activity, or any other conditions that are conductive to termite infestation.



best pest control gold coast :

best pest control gold coast For Cockroach treatments, we use liquid sprays, baiting gels and insecticidal dusts. We cover external entry points to weep holes, doors, windows and other crevices we find. We treat the internal floor corners, roof void and under electrical appliances. We apply a baiting gel in kitchen cupboards, bathrooms and laundry so you don’t have to remove all stored items. 

trusted pest management :

trusted pest management Combining these cockroach infestation methods ensure you get rid of those cockroaches! The Cockroach Treatment usually lasts 12 months.  We provide warranties on all of our Cockroach Treatments. We work with you to ensure the treatment is effective and  safe  for your family and pets.

termite control ipswich :

termite control ipswich Cockroaches carry diseases, contaminate your eating surfaces, cause annoyance, odours , damage, allergic reactions and, in rare cases, bites. Contamination Cockroaches can contaminate various surfaces, foods and utensils with cast skins, vomit marks, empty egg cases, droppings and dead carcasses. Yuck!

termite protection gold coast :

termite protection gold coast Annoyance Most people highly dislike or are scared of the sight of a Cockroaches. This is usually related to the old saying, ‘Where there is one, there are many more hiding.’ People generally also dislike their ‘creepy crawly’ legs and fast, unpredictable movements.

termite inspection near me :

termite inspection near me Odour When a property has a large Cockroach infestation it can sometimes cause an unpleasant odour . This is usually caused by secretions from the mouth and cuticle.

flea control :

flea control Damage Cockroaches are also well-known for causing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of damage to electrical appliances through the home. They can cause damage to the electrical components of the appliance which usually brings costly repair bills.

About US:

About US

Website: Email: [email protected] Phone No: 1300468284 Address: 5/3 Michigan Drive Oxenford QLD 4210:

Website: Email: [email protected] Phone No: 1300468284 Address: 5/3 Michigan Drive Oxenford QLD 4210

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