Total Quality Management (TQM)

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Total Quality Management (TQM)


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Total Quality Management:

Total Quality Management Dr. G C Mohanta, BE(Mech), MSc(Engg), MBA, PhD(Mgt) Professor Al-Qurmoshi Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad - 500005


Quality Conformance to specifications - P roduct/service meet targets and tolerances defined by designers Fitness for use – Evaluation of performance for intended use Value for price paid - Evaluation of usefulness vs. price paid Support services - Quality of support after sale Psychological - Ambiance, prestige, friendly staff 2

What is Total Quality Management (TQM)?:

What is Total Quality Management (TQM)? TQM is a comprehensive, organization-wide effort to improve the quality of products and services. TQM is defined as managing the entire organization so that it excels on all dimensions of products and services that are important to the customer.

TQM Philosophy/Elements:

TQM Philosophy/Elements Embed quality in every aspect of the organization Focus on Customer - Identify & meet customer needs and stay tuned to changing needs Continuous Improvement - Continuous learning and problem solving Quality at the Source - Inspection vs. prevention & problem solving Employee Empowerment - Empower all employees and external & internal customers; team approach, quality circle 4

TQM Philosophy/Elements (Contd.):

TQM Philosophy/Elements (Contd.) Do it right the first time - This means avoiding rework Quality is an attitude - Every one has to be committed to quality. Telling staff what is going on - This involves improved communication. Educate and train people - Educating staff in the principles of TQM Measure the work - Measurement helps to maintain standards and keep processes within the agreed tolerances.

TQM Philosophy/Elements (Contd.):

TQM Philosophy/Elements (Contd.) Top management must be involved - Senior management involvement is absolutely essential. Make it a good place to work Introduce team work - Team work boosts employees' morale, reduces conflict, provides better and more balanced solutions. Organize by process, not by function - to reduce the barriers that exist between different departments

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