Techno-Structural Interventions: Structural Design

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Techno-Structural Interventions: Structural Design


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Techno-Structural Interventions: Structural Design:

Techno-Structural Interventions: Structural Design Dr. G C Mohanta, BE( Mech ), MSc( Engg ), MBA, PhD(Mgt) Professor Al- Qurmoshi Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad - 500005

Techno-structural Interventions:

Techno-structural Interventions Techno-structural Interventions include changes, such as, reorganizing the company and changing the designs of specific jobs. It includes changes in the following: Division of the overall work of an organization into units, Reporting Relationships, Methods of control, Arrangement of equipment and people, Work flow arrangements and Communications and authority.

Techno structural Interventions:

Techno structural Interventions The following are the different types of Techno- structural Interventions: Structural Design: ( i ) Restructuring organization: Downsizing Reengineering (ii) Employee Involvement: Quality Circles Total Quality Management (TQM) (iii) Work Design: Engineering Approach, System Approach

Structural Design:

Structural Design Structural Design is largely associated with experiments attempted to create better fit among the technology, structure and social interactions of a particular production unit.

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