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Improving sports and gym accessibility for physically impaired students in Maynooth University :

Improving sports and gym accessibility for physically impaired students in Maynooth University Group 19

Recognizing the problem:

Recognizing the problem Maynooth boasts top standard sporting facilities however a proportion of the student body has no access to adequate equipment. The current Phoenix Sports Centre is not equipped to support those that are physically impaired. We propose an improvement to the sports facilities on campus which would provide students with a physical impairment equal access to the gym. 6% of Maynooth students have a physical impairment. The Paralympic Games are one of the largest sporting events in the world and it is essential that a modern university provide equal access to sports and fitness for all those of the student body


Scope Statement Project objective To improve the accessibility of the Phoenix Sports Centre for those that are physically impaired within an academic year at a cost not exceeding €1,000,000. Deliverables • A state of the art gym complex that can facilitate those of all abilities. • Door automated systems that will allow for ease of access throughout the entire building for those who use equipment for mobility • Additional handicapped bathrooms that are also fitted with wheelchair friendly shower units.


Milestones 1) Surveys conducted with physically impaired student and staff to see if our project is needed/wanted - 2) Contact various companies to receive price estimates of materials and gym equipment - 3) Cost estimates for building materials and gym equipment received from various companies. 4) Investigate best way of transporting goods to the university in the most economically friendly manner - 5) Research possible grants/funding that the project could be entitled to – 6) Application for project submitted to the university - 7) Project idea and outline pitched to the university - January 12th 8) Project approved by university and permission given for plans to be implemented - February 1st


Project Priorities Time Given that the Phoenix sports centre is going to go under major construction and there will be limited access for students. The project should commence at the start of summer and be completed before the new academic year to minimise disruption. High Standard The refurbished Sports complex should meet high standards in regards to quality. Safety The project will emphasise the safety of the new equipment. It will be necessary to make information available on how to use new equipment.


Work Breakdown Structure


The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) subdivides the project at hand into smaller, more manageable intermediate goals which are recorded alongside an appropriate time frame, within which they are to be completed. The Work Breakdown Structure is the outcome of the hierarchical process. This helps management to clearly assess the goals of the project and establish a basis for control. Project -Completion and end goal Our end goal is the complete redevelopment and adaptation of the Maynooth sports hall. We hope that in 47 weeks we will have it fully adapted to include facilities for both fully abled bodies and people living with a physical disability to enjoy at their leisure. The gym will be modified to include any specific equipment that would be required by anyone living with a disability and we hope to integrate the sports hall-both the large and small sports hall in its entirety to be one hundred percent accessible within the next five years.

Stakeholder Analysis:

Stakeholder Analysis - In project management, stakeholders are very important, indeed they play an important role for the success of the project. o They can be Individuals, organisations or departments - Stakeholder Analysis is the technique used to determine the key people who have to be won over.


Stakeholder analysis showing interest and power from key groups

Communication Plan:

Communication Plan The communication plan gives us planed and structured approach to our communication, it will help our project succeed by delivering information in a timely manner to the people who need to know about project status. - Ciara and Senan have to send email to the university to asking for an appointment, after that they have to do a presentation to the president of the university to explain in details the project. - Shane has to exchange information once a month about the progress of the project thanks to different meetings with the organisations - Ismail and Alba have to get in touch by email with the physically impaired students and meet them face to face and ask them some questions about the problems of access to the phoenix sport centre. - Yigit and Gavin have to organize debates and conferences with the “ Not physically impaired students” to talk about the difficulties faced by the physically impaired students to access to the sport centre.


Risk Assessment As with any project, there are some risks involved. Potential risks include. The university could say no The project could disrupt other students Health and safety risks Financial risks

Key Takeaways :

Key Takeaways Value of our recommendation We found we have a greater understanding of the different needs of students who have a physical impairment. We believe that it is imperative to have gym facilities that are accessible to all students. Cohesiveness: Overall our team built a strong relationship with each other over the past month. We were happy with the diverse nature of the people in our team and our different viewpoints really helped in the developmental stage of our project. Communication: Communication was important in our project as it helped organise our group into an effective team. Frequent communication helped us complete our goals in a timely fashion.