Books every speech therapist must read

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In speech therapist book there are many method define that how to speak at initial level of age and provide various tips how should speak in-front of your child. Always use simple and easy words in-front of your child and don’t used complicated words.


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Book Every Speech Therapist Must Read

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What is Speech Therapy Your child has disability in speech that has trouble pronouncing in words so speech therapy improve your child communication and language skills. Speech Therapy include following things :- 1. Articulation Disorders :- can not speak words correctly and listener can not understand in correct way. 2. Fluency Disorders :- It include stuttering in which the flow of speech is not correct. 3. Voice Disorders :- Listeners can not understand the quality of voice.

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Speech and Language Activities Speech and Language skills produce the mind set of any child and person. By speech we can express our thoughts and styles of speaking is known as language. Some activities are :- 1. Be a good model :- Speak clearly and slowly and if your child speak a sentence wrong then ask him for speaking again. 2. Maintain Your Language level :- Dont speak those words and that your child cant understand. 3. Turn off T.V. :- Childrens can not learn language by watching T.V. and also they can lost their hearing by watching T.V. 4. Observe and comment :- During playing with your child use simple words with your child.

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How children learn speech If your child produce his first word late so you can play a very important role for producing first word from your child. You should provide a special Health Care needs to your children for enhancing speech. You should think some points - 1. Good Modelling :- If your child trying to speak a word and not pronounced correctly then praise him/her for trying. 2. Symbolic sounds :- It include those words that a child speak easily. 3. Observation Skill :- It include that every child must concentrate on a particular task. 4. Communication Temptation :- In early days any child can not speak correctly so you should developed an environment in which your child communicate more words.

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How to develop language skill Language play an important role for developing the mind of any child. By language any child produce their behavior in-front of you. Now a Days Hearing Aids also used as a headphone for listening language. 1. Remember your language level :- When you are talking with your child tou should only used simple and easy words not used complicated words. 2. The environment :- Create a good environment around your child and eliminate background noise. 3. Music :- Music is a good way to enhance language. You can also read book to enhance the language. 4. Simple Games :- Play simple games for enhancing the language.

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Finally for enhancing language you should use simple and easy words infront of your child and dont used complicated words infront of your child. Do some activity infront of your child for developing language. You should not provide headphone for listening language to your child otherwise hearing loss may be generated.

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