Bartonville Insane Asylum

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Bartonville Insane Asylum Pollak Hospital and Grounds :

Bartonville Insane Asylum Pollak Hospital and Grounds Electronic Voice Phenomena November 03, 2012

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These are the EVPs I have gathered from my first visit inside and around the grounds of the Pollak Hospital in Bartonville, IL on Saturday, November 03, 2012. These were gathered with a simple voice recorder and NONE of these were fabricated. I have amplified the sections with EVP to make it easier to hear for those at home without headphones. I recommend using headphones anyway, they really do help! Feel completely free to leave any and all feedback and COMMENTS to your liking, but most of all, ENJOY!

Cemetery one:

Cemetery one This first one came about as I was walking by myself throughout the grounds of Cemetery One. To me it sounds like a Female Voice saying something to the effect of “I found it!” followed by a Male Voice making a “Whoa!” or a groan. The footsteps you hear are my own.

Cemetery One:

Cemetery One This second EVP came through just as I was getting close to a headstone that could not be read because it was too old. It is VERY short and FAST, so you have to really pay attention. I believe it is a Male Voice saying “Help” Remember, listen hard.. Headphones will help a lot! And yes, again, footsteps are my own.

Cemetery One:

Cemetery One This last EVP from Cemetery One was captured just as the asylum historian was telling the story of Rhoda Derry, if you have not googled her yet, get to it! You will hear the historian speaking, and as She is speaking you will hear a Male Voice whispering indistinct language for a couple of seconds, followed by a Female Voice saying what I believe to be “Listen Listen Listen”

Cemetery two:

Cemetery two I was accompanied by a very nice lady who I met that very night, and we decided to go to Cemetery Two and do some EVP work. This EVP came through as she was telling the story of A. Bookbinder (Google Him as well!). It is a distinct “Hello”, and you may or may not need headphones to hear it. The Male Voice (I believe it to be Bookbinder) speaks as She is speaking, and he does so as she says “Ceremony” listen carefully!

Cemetery Two:

Cemetery Two This last EVP at Cemetery Two came through just as She was describing Bookbinder’s Death. It occurs just as she is saying “He was very well liked” and it appears to be a Male Voice giving a small cough. Listen closely.

Pollak hospital interior:

Pollak hospital interior This EVP is not very substantial but it is an EVP nonetheless because it is a SOUND that doesn’t belong. It sounds to me like something ripping, and if you listen closely, right after the SOUND, you hear me going “huh”, that is because I heard it and the recorder got it as well, just thought I’d put it here anyway, although it is not a voice. All footsteps are my own.

Pollak hospital interior:

Pollak hospital interior This second EVP inside the building was surprising when I found it because I didn’t think I would catch a child’s voice. I was approaching a door near a crawl space when suddenly a child started giggling. I heard it, so I snapped a picture, but the picture didn’t catch anything. All footsteps are my own.

Pollak hospital interior:

Pollak hospital interior This EVP was captured as I decided to go down into the basement. Footsteps are my own, I was talking to a guide, so you can hear her as well. Early into this recording you will hear a Child giggling again, and toward the end you will hear a Female Voice asking for “Help!”

Pollak Hospital Interior:

Pollak Hospital Interior This EVP occurred as I got down into the basement and was talking to two individuals, a man and a woman. In the midst of our conversation, a Female Voice appears to be gasping for air in a very weary, raspy voice.

Pollak Hospital Interior:

Pollak Hospital Interior This last EVP inside the Hospital occurred as I took a break from investigating and went to the snack room for a hot chocolate (no heating in the building, so it was COLD). I am talking with a woman there and there are about five other people in the room besides us. Right before you hear a person coughing, you hear a Male Voice asking “what’s going on?”.

Cemetery three:

Cemetery three This is the one and only EVP gathered at Cemetery Three also known as ‘Rhoda’s Cemetery’. I went out there with two other people, a lady and a gentleman, and we decided to do some EVP work and GhostBox work. In this recording, you will hear myself speaking, along with the other two individuals who are out there with me, in the midst of our conversation, you clearly hear a Male Voice saying “go turn on the light, ma!” followed by a “click”, and then followed by continuous “tapping”, after which you can hear me saying “owl”.

Bartonville Insane Asylum:

Bartonville Insane Asylum We have reached the conclusion of this video. I really hope you have all enjoyed it as much as I have. I would like to thank the Pollak Hospital Staff and volunteers who put this event together, it was really a remarkable experience. The photos and EVPs are just the DOCUMENTED experiences, but the ones that occurred in person were even more astounding and humbling. A very special thank you to the Living Dead Paranormal team for participating and hosting the event, and also my special thanks to Ashley Cramer for a very humbling conversation, and Cassidy Rae for her input in the event. Thank you all very much for watching and do not forget to COMMENT!!!!!

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