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The Pearl Source answers your questions about the difference in Freshwater and Saltwater Pearls. View this presentation to get in depth knowledge of how these are cultivated and what are the different characteristics. The Pearl Source is a leading wholesaler of Pearl Jewelry since 1991 and is based in the jewelry district of Los Angeles. Visit us at Www.ThePearlSource.Com


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Freshwater Pearls vs. Saltwater pearls:

Freshwater Pearls vs. Saltwater pearls

The Big Question:

Ever since the cultivation of Pearls began in the early 20 th century, questions about classification of Pearls according to where they are grown have been confusing people. The most popular of them on any given day is of course: “How are freshwater pearls and saltwater pearls different and which one is better?” The answer to these questions lie in knowing the details of how both are cultivated. Let’s see.. The Big Question

Freshwater Pearls:

Simple put, freshwater pearls are grown in lakes, ponds and rivers from freshwater mussel oysters. Freshwater Pearls are grown for anywhere between 2 to 6 years before finally harvesting them and with the risk of pollutants, the process is full of peril. A successful harvest deserves much appreciation. The cultivation of Freshwater pearls is concentrated mainly in China and in the last 10 years, the quality of these Pearls have not only improved, but also become comparable to the superior Hanadama Pearls from Japan with excellent body , shape, and luster. In fact, the nacre of freshwater pearls is very thick, more than that of saltwater pearls and this makes them more durable as a thin layer of nacre can more easily chip, peel or be worn down through wear. Freshwater Pearls

Saltwater Pearls:

Salt water pearls are made by oysters in the ocean. This type of pearl is almost always round and can vary in color. The "perfection" of the true coloring and near perfect sphere make the salt water pearls much more desirable to consumers . Of all varieties, Akoya Pearls have come to been identified as the most popular saltwater pearls and are cultivated mainly on the coasts of Japan, China, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia and Tahiti, among others . Other popular Pearl types include Black Tahitian, White South Sea, Golden South Sea. Saltwater Pearls are grown for about 6 to 8 months before being finally cultivated. Saltwater Pearls

The Pearl Source Collection:

We have now come to the difficult question – Which one should you buy? Have a look at our exclusive pearl jewelry collection and you can be the judge. Saltwater Pearl Jewelry Collection Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Collection The Pearl Source Collection

Why choose The Pearl Source?:

Why choose The Pearl Source? The Pearl Source was officially established in 1991 in the Jewelry District of Los Angeles as one of the first direct importers and wholesalers of Loose Pearls in the United States. Our company quickly transformed into one of the main suppliers of loose pearls to the biggest pearl jewelers in the nation. Furthermore, our pearl specialists became renowned for creating the most exquisite multicolor and uniform strands of pearl necklaces in the industry, specializing in rare colors of high quality South Sea pearls in all our necklaces.

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