What are the Different Types of Brake Fade Issues Occurs in a BMW

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The brake pad of your BMW is responsible for stopping the car by creating mutual friction between the brake pads and brake rotors. However, when you experience that the BMW is not taking time to come to a halt when applying the brakes, then you can be sure that the brake has faded. Moreover, you will also experience unexpected or inconsistent braking whenever brake fade occurs. Go through the slide to know the different types of brake fade issues occurring in your BMW.


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What are the Different Types of Brake Fade Issues Occurs in a BMW


To slow down the BMW, the brake pads and the brake rotors are creating mutual friction in the braking system.


If you find that the brake of your car is not functioning properly when you apply them, then make sure that the brake is faded.


When brake fade happens in your BMW, then you will experience unexpected or inconsistent braking means the stopping distance increased and cause accidents.


The brake fades are commonly caused in a car due to overheating brake pad and get back to its normal function when the brake pads and rotors are cooled down.


The following points define the different types of brake fade issues occurs in your BMW.


The brake fluids are the part of the brake caliper. When the brake caliper heats up it can push the brake pads to contact with the brake disc by using the brake fluid.


But when both brake fluid and caliper are heating, the bubbles form from its boiling points due to too much heat and cause brake fluid fade.


The brake fluid fades can reduce the fluid amount and prevents braking power because the air is easy to compress than a liquid.


To prevent the brake fluid fade issues, you have to replace the brake fluid recommended by your car's service manual.

Dynamic fades:

Dynamic fades


The dynamic fade is the most serious issues which are typically caused due to the incorrect or faulty brake pad components.


The make and model of the BMW, all the brake components of the car are unique and have their own set of specifications.


The brake fade generally occurs in your BMW when you are installing a different make and model of brake pad or rotor.


The improper installation of brake fade can also cause dynamic brake fade issues in your BMW such as the improper torque brake caliper.

Green Fade :

Green Fade


The most commonly used brake fade issues in your BMW is the green fade. It is usually developed in your car when new brake pads or rotor installed in a car.


In the normal driving conditions, the new replaced brake pads and rotors will take 500 miles for properly aligning the brakes.


If the brake pads in your BMW are not properly installed or not align properly, then you will experience the green brake fade issues.

Final words:

Final words


When you find any types of brake fade issues in your BMW, consult with your mechanic or take it for the inspection.


To prevent the brake fade issues in your car, mindful about one thing that you are replacing and aligning the brake pads or rotors properly.


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