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~ Writing ~ Reading ~ Listening ~ Attitude ~ Techniques ~ Speaking ~ General tips OBJECTIVES

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$ Use Abstract words $ Communicate online $ Use short sentences $ Write personal notes $ Keep a journal $ Write effective business letters WRITING

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Read Read Something Inspirational Keep up with current events Use the internet READING

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Define acronyms Reduce jargon Eliminate audible pauses Make eye contact Practice pronouncing properly Gesture LISTENING

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Intend to improve Visualize Be receptive to new ideas Eliminates negative feelings Don’t take yourself too seriously Respect the others person’s point of view ATTITUDE

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Level objections Anecdotes & Stories Exercise of tongue, jaws & lips Increase your vocabulary Vary your volume Watch your tone Record your voice TECHNIQUES

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# Know what want to say # Control fear # Think before you talk # Believe in your message # Repeat major points # Find out what your listener wants SPEAKING

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# Explain Abstract words # Keep it simple (kiss) method # Use gender neutral language # Use active verbs # Quote authorities # Use mind mapping # Get to the point MORE SPEAKING TIPS

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Use Good manners Avoid words that hurt Change abrasive behavior Handle disagreements with tact Recognize manipulating behavior BEHAVIORAL

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Organize productive meetings Consider experience level Understand the importance of timing Present a good personal image MISCELLANEOUS

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Presence Give nonverbal cues Check your posture Smile Shake hands properly NON VERBAL

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Add fragrants to your life Communication skills

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