Easily Add Text on Photos!


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Quickly add a Date and Time Stamp, Customized Signature Text, GPS Geolocation tag and Logo Watermark to your “SAVED GALLERY PHOTOS” and embellish those precious memories forever.


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Easily Add Text on Photos BY AUTO STAMPER

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PAGE 1 Our mobile phones is a key part in our regular day to day existence. It keeps us connected with the world. Another genuine helpfulness of a mobile phone is to spare our memories as photographs. We have a large number photos living in our phone. It is hard to remember each and every events when we recall them after a drawn out time period. It is extraordinarily useful in case we had perfect Date and Time stamped on the photograph itself Various PC software are there in the market that can incorporate Logo Watermark or Date time on your photos. In any case this is a long and repetitive occupation in case you are dealing with an enormous database of photos set away in your phone. If you could do it direct from your phone it can without quite a bit of an extend save a lot of time for you. Watching out for this issue we have a free application to deal with this issue. Keep reading to know more Add Text and Timestamp Gallery Photos is a free application available on Google Play Store. Directly incorporate Logo Watermark Signature Text Date Timestamp and GPS Location on your Gallery photos

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PAGE 2 Just Download the App Edit Tags Select Gallery Photos. That is it Each one of your picked pictures will be stamped promptly. Say Goodbye to all your darkened memories Features and Functionality ➺ You can select the number of photos on which you want to write text or add stamp i.e. Single or Multiple. ➺ You can easily check out your stamped photographs from the application itself on a tap. ➺ You can write customized text on the Image from a selection of 8 corners horizontally and vertically. ➺ 50+ classic choices for Date Time and Signature stamp formats to make your Image look charming. ➺ Fonts color and other effects in the text can be adjusted as per Image theme and background. ➺ Manual On/Off functionality for stamps makes it easier for you to select the right stamp as per your Image

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PAGE 3 Concluding Concluding each and every of its features and functionality Add Text and Timestamp on Gallery Photos turns up to be a great alternative to easily markup your photos with Date Time Logo Watermark Signature Text and GPS Location.