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Galatta Cinema is the first Indian movie magazine in the world to be available on the iPhone. It has surpassed other apps in this genre by launching an iPhone app which facilitates iPhone/iPod Touch users to view Galatta Cinema magazine on the iPhone


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Galatta Cinema – iPhone App

Galatta Cinema – iPhone App:

Galatta Cinema – iPhone App

Galatta Cinema:

Galatta Cinema Synopsis Introduction - Galatta Cinema Galatta Cinema - Magazine Galatta Cinema iPhone App Technologies used Functions of the App Conclusion

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Galatta Cinema - Introduction Galatta Cinema is already India's largest circulating English cinema magazine for South Indian movies. It is the First Indian entertainment magazine to be available on iPhones.

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Galatta Cinema - Magazine You can get the hottest news from all over the South Indian Entertainment Industry. From movie reviews to rumours and exclusive interviews of film stars you get every thing in Galatta Cinema.

Galatta Cinema - iPhone App:

Galatta Cinema - iPhone App Now you can flip through Galatta Cinema magazine on your iPhone You can get the exact digital version of the printed magazine on your iPhone. Both the App and the Magazine is absolutely free.

Galatta Cinema - App Technologies:

Galatta Cinema - App Technologies You can access it from around the world. This app can fetch you the latest version of the magazine. It is developed using the iPhone SDK and technologies like Objective C, Cocoa Touch and Excode.

Galatta Cinema – Functions:

Galatta Cinema – Functions It has a user friendly interface. You can zoom in to read a page in detail. It has 'Go to Page' function with which you can jump to your desired page.

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Galatta Cinema - Functions Go to Page With the go to page function you can jump to any page at any time

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Galatta Cinema - Functions Go to Page For example: if you are in the 1st page and you want to go to page 20 then you need not flip through the page before it.

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Galatta Cinema - Functions Go to Page Just tap on the 'Go to Page' button on the right side bottom corner of the screen. And you will see a numeric keypad a page number input box.

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Galatta Cinema - Functions And finally when you tap the ok button you will see you desired page.

Galatta Cinema – Conclusion:

Galatta Cinema – Conclusion The team, is looking forward to further enhance Galatta Cinema's iPhone experience. Soon, you will see the next version of this app. For more info please visit