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Gajarts - One of the Best Exporter of Marble Handicrafts and Marble sanctuary for home from Ahmedabad, Gujrat. We managing Marble God statues, Marble Human Figure, Animal Statues, and Rajasthani Modern Arts. We are driving marble craftsmanship maker and provider in India and In abroad.


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Login REGISTER HOME  GOD STATUE IN AHMEDABAD CUSTOMER INQUIRY : 9829-541-922 My Cart CHECKOUT  God Statue in Ahmedabad Jai Shri Krishna Ahmedabad – Welcome to Gaj Arts Gaj arts is a leading statue and stone idol manufacturer that is now available to access in Ahmedabad. God statue Ahmedabad is seen all over the city from temples to just the general landscaping of the city. As an ode to this culture of the city we at Gaj arts have curated a collection of God idols and other decorative pieces for your space that needs Garlanding. Gaj arts presents the definitive form of God’s idols and statues in Ahmedabad that the consumer would love and would look stylish. The city of fun and vibrancy is now an official receiver of Gaj arts handicrafts items to bring faith and purity to your home.  Our marble and statue collection Gaj arts has the biggest collection of God idols and other statues in Ahmedabad. We have various designs and classic combinations apt for the demographic of Ahmedabad. Our collection includes Lord Ganesh statues that come in the timeless and holy white with a bold dash of red that brings the design together as well as the powerful aura shines through. Lord Krishna idols with the proper placement and the correct color palette that you would love to see in your puja Ghar or temple. Rama dev is another religious figure widely worshipped and honored in the area in which we at Gaj arts happen to manufacture at the best quality. We have a huge collection of other arts and Animal figurines that will grace any and every space with timeless beauty and bring a classy vibe. Lord Shiva is a powerful and regal Lord that must look like the part on the statue. At Gaj arts we create Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman statues that look powerful and strong.    Goddesses The Goddesses are a symbol of motherly love as well as the power and strength of a holy force. Gaj arts creates some of the most beautiful goddesses idols in Ahmedabad. Laxmi maa statues are an icon for prosperity and wealth. At Gaj arts we create figurines or statues of the goddess with utmost creativity and precision. Durga maa is the goddess of the defeater of evil her statues must also play the part and so the   Email: infogajarts.com Search Item... 

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deity is made in the same light. Sarasvati maa Gayatri maa and Annapurna maa statues are made to accentuate their powerful feminine and power. Khodiyar maa and Bahucharini maa statues are also widely in demand especially in this region and hence it is all the more reason for us to strike the perfect creative balance between art and religion. Parvati maa statues are also widely in demand amongst the God statue in Ahmedabad.    Marble Inlay Marble inlay is a closely protected art that is now rare to find. It is the process of adding colored material is carefully crafted depressions on a surface to create colorful articles of sculptures. We create: Black inlay White inlay  Precious inlay   Gaj arts is one of the few institutes that still have this skill to decorate God’s idols in Ahmedabad and other regions. Colour is the key in symbolism and signage in the making of God’s idols and statues in Ahmedabad which is why we add colors that are considered holy and sacred to the deity adding to the beauty and energy vibration of the sculpture. Ahmedabad is the city of the synergy of art and culture. This synergy must shine across the designs and art that graces your space. Our expert designers at Gaj arts make sure craftsmanship is highly accurate and is worthy of your House’s centerpiece.  Animal statues At Gaj arts we have a broad spectrum of designs that range from religious preferences to plain art and culture. Our animal statues are of the same spectrum and are made in a unique fashion. Our horse sculpture is one of the on-demand pieces that are made with embellished details and artistic touch. The majestic Lion statues are a symbol of power and confidence. Gaj arts also creates the most beautiful Cow and calf figurines that evoke a sense of piousness. These figures when paired in combination create an entire vibe. One of my favorites from the animal collection is the Tortoise. It is believed to place the tortoise under your couch to bring positivity and prosperity. The camel is also a part of the collection and only goes on to prove the versatility of the collection.  Animal statues and other handicraft items are made especially in Udaipur to maintain the quality of our manufacturing. We supply the articles to Ahmedabad bringing the vibrant energy to your home.  Other arts Amongst other arts we have our beautiful vases and figures. Our vases are a customer favorite and have multiple variations Marble vase Meenakari vase White vase Another variation amongst other arts is the figures. We have  Rajasthani figures

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Roman figures Human figures Needless to say we have a broad spectrum of arts that is fit for the arts needed in any form. From decoration to the temple. A huge collection such as ours could seem art but elaborate but to us it is only a motivation to create more unique designs and perfect our craftsmanship even further. Every space is accounted for in our collection for God’s idols in Ahmedabad. Choose Gaj arts today to bring in a sense of holiness not just by the looks but also by the vibes.   READ MORE READ MORE Yellow Finished Krishna For Pooja Showpiece WhiteGold Ganapati-Ji

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READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE White Stone Setting Ganpati-Ji White Stone Setting Ganpati-Ji White Stone Seated Hanuman Statue With Golden Finish White Stone Sai Baba

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