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KNOWLIDGEMENT MANAGEMENT Knowledge management is the power/capacity for effective action . The organize data are information . The process information in the actionable form is referred to as knowledge. The knowledge becomes wisdom when , It is used for a good cause of a large number of people.

Types of Knowledge : 

Types of Knowledge Tactic and Explicit knowledge Individual Knowledge Socialization Externalization Combination

Knowledge Conversion process : 

Knowledge Conversion process Both Individual and organization Sharing of the ideas/opinion through tactic to tactic conversion Developing new knowledge by tactic –tactic and lenitive interaction of a team of employees Creating concept and justifying them by tactic explicit conversion Securing new and existing knowledge Building an archetype Combine available knowledge

Hierarchy of Knowledge : 

Hierarchy of Knowledge

Definitions : 

Definitions Designing and installing techniques and processes to create, protect, and use known knowledge. Designing and creating environments and activities to discover and release knowledge that is not known, or tacit knowledge. Articulating the purpose and nature of managing knowledge as a resource and embodying it in other initiatives and programs.

For Successful Managing of Knowledge : 

For Successful Managing of Knowledge Focus on five tasks: Generating knowledge Accessing knowledge Representing and embedding knowledge Facilitating knowledge Transferring knowledge It is a process of instilling the culture and helping people find ways to share and utilize their collective knowledge.

In Successful KM Programs : 

In Successful KM Programs Information is widely disseminated throughout the organization. Wherever it is needed, it is accessible. Accessible at a fast rate of speed. Virtual communities of practice share what is known in a global fashion, independent of time zones and other geographic limitations. Business boundaries are broad, and often virtual in nature. Collaboration to support continuous innovation and new knowledge creation.

Why KM? What’s the Big Deal? : 

Why KM? What’s the Big Deal? Learning faster with KM Learning faster to stay competitive KM software and technological infrastructures allow for global access to an organization’s knowledge, at a keystroke

KM and Future Planning : 

KM and Future Planning Where are we going? What are we here for? People need awareness of the whole: in what direction is the organization going? To have a goal to reach in the future can provide great incentive for a KM initiative. Effective leveraging lies within an organization’s capacity for rethinking and recreating. Scenario thinking can help us to see the blind spots, and help to create the future we want.

Sustainability of a KM Endeavor : 

Sustainability of a KM Endeavor For significant change to lead to sustainability, hierarchical control must be put aside. The emergence and development of informal networks must be supported so that people can share their tacit knowledge and help one another. Managers need to surrender control. And mental models need to be examined.

KM Software Tools : 

KM Software Tools Global serve Knowcorp Hyper knowledge Micro Strategy The Molloy Group Knowledge Inc. WebFarming.com Soft lab Enabling Tools Imagination Excalibur Technologies Imaging Solutions Grapevine Technologies Intraspect Software Milagros: The Power of Imagination

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