MagicJack Customer Support: Update Your MagicJack Driver For Windows

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If you want to know how to update Your MagicJack Driver For Windows. So, Here you can get the best solution support for MagicJack driver and more facing any problem of MagicJack driver so you can call on MagicJack customer support number the USA +1-844-900-7666


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MagicJack Customer Support: Update Your MagicJack Driver For Window :

MagicJack Customer Support: Update Your MagicJack Driver For Window

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MagicJack is a small device that allows the users to make free calls using the internet connection. Unlike ordinary telephone connections, it utilizes VOIP technology to turn your telephone calls into the digital format. This is why it offers a cheap digital phone service to the users.

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MagicJack comes with a set of drivers that you need to install on your computer to get the device working properly. The experts at  MagicJack installation services perceive that these drivers need to be updated at the certain interval of time. This will help you eliminate various issues occurring with this device and software conflicts. Have a look at the process to update its software.

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First of all, make sure the device is properly connected to the computer from one end and telephone at the other end. Navigate to the MagicJack.Com website and download the “Driver update file”. Select downloaded files, right-click and then click “Run”. The application will automatically run and update your currently installed MagicJack software. If the device is still not working properly, search the “Task Manager” from the “Start” menu and click on the resulting option. Click “Processes” and choose “MagicJack.exe”. Click “End process” to close all the process related to MagicJack . Move to the start button and type “devmgmt.msc” in the search box. Click on the result when it appears. Make a check mark in the box to expand the CD/DVD section and double-click on the “ Ymax MagicJack USB Device”. Select “Update driver software” option from the main properties. Select the option “Browse my computer for driver software” and click “Browse”. Navigate to the “Window” then “Subfolder”. Hit “Next” again. Now double-click on the device icon to launch the wizard. Note that these described steps might vary according to the different version of the operating systems. In case of difficulties, while following the steps, the users should contact the experts.

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Call MagicJack Technical Support Phone Number (18449007666) and Get An Instant Help From Experts It is not an easy task to follow the steps written in the black and white, especially for the new users as they have to come across many other issues while performing a single task. Getting expert assistance in these situations is the best solution. Don’t be hesitant in giving them a call via the toll-free number visible on the website. The experts will provide you with efficient and prompt service 24/7.