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Introducing yourself : 

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Hajimemashite - ?????? : 

Hajimemashite - ?????? Most of the books translate ?????? as “How do you do”?  It is correct in one way but it literally means "It is the first time (we meet). It is an ???? (a-i-sa-tsu - greeting) used when meeting someone for the very first time. If you are meeting that same person for the second or further time, Hajimemashite is NOT used. [Hajimeru - ???? is the verb form and it means “to begin”]

Watashi Wa ____ Desu – ??? ? ____ ?? : 

Watashi Wa ____ Desu – ??? ? ____ ?? The word watashi here means “I”. The word wa is a particle. Particles are one of the grammar components of Japanese. We will see more about them in the upcoming lesson but for now just know that wa is a subject-marker particle. Here the particle “wa” means whatever following “wa” is spoken about the subject “watashi”. That is, something is about to be spoken about the person who is speaking. The letter ? is actually read as “HA” but it should be read a “WA” when used as a particle. The word “desu” is how the sentence should end. For example, in English, we would say “I am Bhavani”. This desu here is more like “I am”. So, for easy understanding you can say ??? ? ??? ?? literally translates to “Bhavani I am”. (At times we say “Pen it is” instead of “It is a Pen”. Sentence ending with “desu” is more of that sort meaning “it is” or ”I am”) PS: ??? is the katakana for Bhavani (ba-wa-ni)

Douzo Yoroshiku - ??????? : 

Douzo Yoroshiku - ??????? When introducing yourself to others, this phrase is more like “Pleased to meet you” or “Nice to meet you”. In other scenarios, ??????? can be used when you are asking someone a favor. The polite/formal form of saying this is - ?????????????? (Douzo yoroshiku onegai shimasu) Extreme formal form is ??? ???? ???? ????? (Douzo yoroshiku onegai itashimasu) and this sentence really means It is nice meeting you and please be kind (to me)“. Do not misunderstand this meaning, it conveys that “it is the first time we have met and so I please be good to me if I ever ask you for any favor”.

Putting it all together… : 

Putting it all together… ?????? ??? ? ??? ?? ??? ???? ??????? Note: The name “???” is a foreign word with respect to Japanese and hence it is written in Katakana. Visit us at © 2009