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Australia Immigration Program Aspirants emigrants to migrate to Australia

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INTRODUCTION One of the most famous island countries located in the southern hemisphere Australia. It is one of the most successful countries in the world both in terms of economy and governance. Migrating to Australia is easier now. Australia has always been one of the most prominent countries in the world offering the best living facilities for its citizens. It also is one of the rare countries where investing in the business would procure the right kind of returns. However the country faces gaps to fill in their vacancies.

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Australia to address this issue welcomes emigrants into the country through best possible measures to ensure right kind of people enter the country to contribute both economically and culturally to the country. Most of the VISA streams barring two provide Permanent Residency in Australia for the applicants. XIPHIAS Immigration the immigration firm based in India with its branches and associations spread world-wide is also one of the best firms to deal with to relocate to Australia. XIPHIAS is registered with MARA the Migration Agents Registration Authority making XIPHIAS official  immigration Agent for Australia.

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Australia to ensure easy immigration introduced the  SKILL SELECT Portal into which each interested emigrant needs to submit his/her  Expression of Interest  EOI along with their supporting documents. Irrespective of the kind of immigration you choose it is required that your EOI is part of the Skill Select Pool of profiles to be considered by the Australian Immigration. Profiles thus added into the Skill Select Pool will remain there for a period not more than 2 years of time. The applicant/representative can log in to his/her profile and make changes as would be required during these 2 years of time. However it is mandatory that all the supporting documents for the information must be entered into the Portal. Each profile in the portal will be filtered based on the points allocated for various streams. Such filtered and numbered profiles will then be selected based on the Occupation list which is current in Australia.

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Expression of Interest EOI is not an application for VISA. It is simply a mode of communication document which informs your interest to migrate to Australia. The EOI can be removed from the portal when and only when there is lack of response from the applicant side during the 2 years of time for the 2 notification to apply for VISA would be ignored or goes un- attended to.

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Of all the streams that Australia has defined it is  Sub Class 189  that is most prominent.  Sub Class 189  is also known as the  Skilled Independent VISA.  This program is valid for all those foreign skilled professionals living outside Australia and who have the required expertise and qualification to fill in the on-demand requirements in Australia. This program doesn’t need the applicant to have a nominator or a sponsor. However it is important that the applicant is below the age of 45 to qualify for this program. It would be important that the applicant provides all of the education related documents along with their medical and background certificates. SUBCLASS 189

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The applicant will have to apply for the VISA once he/she receives an invitation to apply for the same. The processing time for  Sub Class 189  VISA is usually between 11-13 months. This is a point-based VISA program where in the applicant will be tested and the profile will be filtered based on few factors. Factors taken into consideration for qualification are the age education work experience adaptability and language proficiency. It is usually calculated against 100 points. The successful emigrant with the Sub Class 189 VISA can study work and live anywhere in Australia and has the freedom to choose their employer.

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While Sub Class 189 is designed for the independent skilled professionals there are few special professionals who will be provided with a nomination from the employer who need their services. Such professionals can utilize  Sub Class 190  to apply for their Permanent Residency Visa to Australia. It is important that the nomination is obtained for the job requirement which could not be filled in by a local resident. Also such a job should be part of the on-demand list in Australia. This is again a point-based VISA program where the scoring is done against 100 points.  Sub Class 190  is also known as  Skilled Nominated Visa program. The applicant who has successfully achieved their PR though this program will be qualified to apply for citizenship within 4 years of entering Australia. Things apart the successful emigrant can study and live in Australia however the emigrant will have to work only for the employer who has provided the nomination for at least the agreed period of time. SUBCLASS 190

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There are other pathways too that have been brought out by the Australian Immigration authority to aid ease in migration to Australia. One such scheme is the  Sub Class 491  or  the Skilled Work Regional Provisional VISA  program. This has been specially defined to help skilled professionals who have been nominated either by a state or territory government which provides the successful emigrant a right to live and work in Australia. The emigrant can also study with the VISA. However the emigrant will have to work for in the state or territory which has provided such nomination. This is valid for 5 years of time and is extendable. The emigrant will be on Permanent Resident VISA and is eligible for all the benefits a citizen enjoys. After 4 years of living in Australia on the VISA one gets the eligibility to apply for the citizenship of the country. A relative of the applicant can also provide nomination under this program if the relative is a qualified sponsor in Australia. SUBCLASS 491

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Emigrants on any of the permanent resident VISA programs qualify to be sponsors. That is to say that they can invite or nominate their relatives to apply for Permanent Resident program under few selected streams in Australia. The applicants can apply for the Australian PR along with their immediate family. They can also invite their legal partners or spouses or dependent children below 18 years of age at a later period too. However such invitation should happen with in the validity of the VISA. Emigrants can live work and study in Australia. They can also invest in the real estate of Australia depending on the current permutations. Primary education in Australia is absolutely free of cost and the Health insurance is well taken care by the Government of Australia in the same lines as in Canada. The living standards in Australia is top notch and the neighborhoods are well maintained and taken care.

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Apart from the above-mentioned VISA types there are few other VISA programs defined by the Australian Immigration which could help the aspirant emigrants to relocate to Australia depending on their requirements. Australia apart from welcoming the skilled professionals has also been inviting interested business investors to invest in a running or a start-up in the country to help individuals. WHY XIPHIAS XIPHIAS Immigration as mentioned earlier is a  MARA registered immigration agent to Australia and has been maintaining cordial relations with many business houses in Australia. We believe in helping and walking with our clients to help them achieve their dreams and aspirations.

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