Flexible Solar Panels - The Solar Panel For the Future

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We are the leading company for manufacturing of Solar Panel with new technology. We specialize in the foldable solar panel, rollable solar panel, thin film solar panel which is lightweight and flexible.


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Flexible Solar Panels The Solar Panel For the Future Future Technologies Inc is an ISO 9001:2008 certified

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What Are Flexible Solar Panels? Traditionally, solar panels are heavy, rigid and difficult to move. Now, however, technology has presented us with a new generation of solar panels. Flexible solar panels are a wonderful revolution that could ensure the success of this form of renewable energy in the future.

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Solar Power Needs All The Time And At Anywhere You Want To We all know that Sun is the greatest source of energy. The Energy produced is in the form of heat. It is a renewable source and that too free of cost. Humans have produced solar panels which can transfer this heat energy into electricity. In today’s world where sources of energy are at the line of scarcity, solar energy is the only solution to fulfill all our energy needs.

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Benefits of Flexible Solar Panels Highest solar cell efficiency achieved as solar panel is always at 30 degree solar angle Suitable for charging medium / small size batteries upto 100VAh Complete kit , capable to charge all types of batteries in field Can charge batteries of varied voltage and capacity in short duration . Device to be charged during day can be directly charged from Solar Panel .

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How You Can Have Freedom While Saving Money and Energy Flexible solar panels are available a variety of charge values ranging form 6v - 12v, charging your home, electronic devices or anything under the sun. Not only are these systems supplying you with free, clean energy with the freedom to go where you want when you want and still be able to use devices you manage your life with such as iPods, iPhones, droids and the like. Your ideal technology would be durable, weatherproof, and rugged with the ability to withstand your toughest adventures.

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Contact Us Future Technologies Inc, 2/43, EPIP Phase-1, Jharmajri , Baddi-174103 Tehsil Nalagarh , Distt Solan , Himachal Pradesh, India Tel: +91-9878934922 / 9978934923, http://future.net.in/index.html

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