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Vitaz International is proud to announce we are introducing a group of all-natural, organic products from Sweden. All of our exquisite beauty products are imported from Sweden – Rapsodine and Katties Akesson (also known as Me Anima in Sweden).


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Vitaz – Radiating Beauty From the Inside Out Our Service’s:- Organic products from Sweden Lavender Body Oil Energizing Body Oil Anti-Aging Face Oil Sweden Natural skin care products Organic products for your skin VITAZ PRODUCTS Kunzea Oil Foot Cream

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About us:- VITAZ IS INTRODUCING AN INCREDIBLE LINE OF ALL-NATURAL, ORGANIC COSMETIC PRODUCTS FROM SWEDEN. Vitaz is proud to announce that we are importing some of the finest health and beauty products found anywhere in Europe. Sweden is world renowned for its outstanding all-natural and organic hair and skincare products. You can always notice a person who was born and raised in Sweden because of their radiant and youthful skin and their soft and glowing hair. They have perfected a way of life to stay looking so young and healthy by eating the all-natural and organic foods and developing and using the finest and highest quality all-natural and organic cosmetic products. For the first time, Vitaz is offering you some of these outstanding cosmetic products. We plan on offering more of the Katties Akesson (Me Anima) and Rapsodine products in the near future. Please review the current products we are offering and let us know if you would like us to expand this line of products from those listed. We look forward to serving you and giving you the excellent products you deserve. VITAZ GIVES BACK! Vitaz Gives Back! It is our goal to give back to the poor and needy children in Mexico. There are also tens of thousands of abused and abandoned children in Mexico who have no food, medicine, or housing, and are not getting the proper education they so desperately need. We want to make a difference and change the lives of these children by providing the financial support to build and operate Christian Schools in Rosarito Beach, Baja CA, Mexico. Vitaz will donate a substantial percentage of its gross income for this project and its programs. Aside from purchasing our products you may donate directly to this project, and every dollar donated is 100% tax deductible. Simply send us an email and we will contact you. Thank you for your support. If you would like to know more about how you can help, please contact us at [email protected]

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Our Best Service‘s Nutritious face day cream Organic Moisturizing Face Oil Organic Lavender Body Oil Moisturize Body Oils for Your Skin Rapsodine shampoo Sweden Rapsodine Conditioner Sweden Best Organic Face Moisturizers

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Contact Us:- Visit us:- Address:- Wasgenring 94, CH - 4055 Basel Contact:- 0041 (0)61 307 95 00 Email:- [email protected]

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