Risk Profit Management


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Past Turndowns Become Profits


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Risk Profit Management:

Risk Profit Management Logical and systematic approach Identifying opportunities Normally lost due financing risk factors

Why It Works:

Why It Works We take a prospect that you have already spend money on and revive them. They liked your dealership, the salesperson, the manager, the car, and most likely the finance manager… but for whatever the reason either you or they turned down the financing offer for one of three reasons. The down payment was too high The payment was too high The interest rates where too high All of this stems from their Credit, Disposable Income, and Cash Down.

2 Key Elements:

2 Key Elements Advanced Budgeting determines the Debt to Income Ratios and works to fix them. This process can help the client in these areas; Reduces high credit card balances by balancing existing debts with new credit, shifting debt, reallocating assets. Modifies long term debts that are really short term issues Find or Negotiate lower interest rates on high rate credit Shows them how to pay their credit cards to boost their score Frees up $200 to $500 dollars extra in their budget Increases their Credit Score at all three bureaus by 100+ points within 90 days. Many see results within the fist 30 days. Removes inaccurate, untimely, misleading, biased, incomplete or unverifiable information from their credit report based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act, legally and in compliance with federal and state law.

Dealer & Client Review:

Dealer & Client Review

Program Benefits:

Program Benefits Turns past prospects into loyal buying customers Turn up to 50% of your turndowns within 90-days in to sales and see results within 45-days of starting the program. Untapped market for your dealership Cost effective Loyalty credit clients spend more than any other customer Loyalty credit customers make referrals 107% more often than other customers.

Thank you for your time.:

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