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Contour Education's 'Spatial from Scratch' presentation for educators.


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Spatial Technologies: Starting from Scratch:

Spatial Technologies: Starting from Scratch QMEA, Brisbane February 2012




Agenda What are Spatial Technologies? Online GIS Google Maps Google Earth QGIS GPS

Concept of Space:

Concept of Space Between? Which way? How far? Where? How long? How close?

PowerPoint Presentation:

Any technology that answers a ‘where’ question

What Are Spatial Technologies?:

What Are Spatial Technologies? GIS GPS Remote Sensing






GIS GIS allows us to view layers of information as well as information that is embedded in each layer


Questions Where along our waterway are nitrates and phosphates concentrated? How many blocks of land will be affected by a 2m flash flood? Where can weeds be found around the school? What areas of the city experience higher levels of CO 2 ?

Data for GIS:

Data for GIS Data for a GIS comes in three basic forms: Image data—using images to build maps Image data includes satellite images, aerial photographs. Also known as Raster data. Spatial data—what maps are made of Points, lines and areas (polygons). Spatial data provides the location in space, the geometry and information for map features such as nations, streets, or catchment testing sites. Tabular data—adding information to maps Tabular data is information describing a map feature. For example, a map of Australia’s rivers (displayed as lines) may be linked to data on the volume of each river.

Remote Sensing:

Remote Sensing

Why Spatial Technologies?:

Why Spatial Technologies?

Why Use GIS in Class?:

Why Use GIS in Class? Critical thinking Problem-solving skills Field skills in biology, junior science, env science, geography etc. Teamwork and collaboration Train-the-trainer Relevance

Relevant Workplace Skills:

Relevant Workplace Skills Identified skills shortages here and in US Expansion of location-enabled technologies Less ‘experts’ and more ‘ users’

Where is it Used?:

Where is it Used? Geography SOSE Biology Junior Science Environmental Education Maths History Economics Art

How is GIS Used?:

How is GIS Used? Active Entire class engages with GIS using either local, regional or global data with a computer Static Teacher uses GIS to demonstrate/illustrate geographic concepts to/with class Support GIS used to develop resources for assessment, field booklets or classroom resources

How Can You Get Started?:

How Can You Get Started?

Online GIS:

Online GIS

WWF Wildfinder:

WWF Wildfinder

Local Council:

Local Council

Google Maps:

Google Maps

Google Earth:

Google Earth



GTAQ homepage:

GTAQ homepage

PowerPoint Presentation:

Contour Education

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