Simplifying Healthcare Delivery for Effective Results


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With proper guidance and expertise, you can adapt these changes in your healthcare organization to improve healthcare delivery services and making your organization a successful one in the healthcare market. Get more details @


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Simplifying Healthcare Delivery for Efective Results In a healthcare organization the healing process does not begin in the consultation room but at the very frst point of contact the patients have with us. Through phone calls website or patients coming through doors it is their interaction with the security staf and frontline ofcers that plays a big part in shaping the perception of the kind of healthcare service and treatment that they will receive in a healthcare institution. It is essential for an organization upgrade and adapt itself to the growing changes in the competitive environment by redesigning and improving the operations and process from harmonizing IT and billing systems to enhancing accessibility to appointments and medication on a continuous basis. But at the same time these changes must beneft not only our patients but also our staf. Putting ourselves in our patients’ shoes is the frst step to delivering an experience that is based on their needs and wants. Current systems and processes may work fne but it is necessary to upgrade the systems to keep up with the patients’ expectations and demands. It requires us to remove our own shoes frst and approach the need for change obeectively and positively. Some of the few changes through which a healthcare organization can improve its patient care delivery are as follows: Simplifee assessment process: The assessment check up in the hospital can be simplifed through a single medical report card with a validity period which will help the patients to bypass this process in the next time if they make another visit to the hospital within the

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validity period.This process eliminates not only the patients’ time but also the time spent by the stafs on these repeated assessments. Efective appointment scheeuling: The long waiting hours at the hospital has caused a mental block for every patient who wishes to enter the hospital premises. Though this difculty can be solved through an efective appointment scheduling it has not been applied in maeority of the hospitals. There are numerous softwares available in the market aiming to help healthcare institutions in managing appointment schedules. A proper application of the software and practical allocation of time period for every consultation can help in reducing the waiting time for every patient making their visit to hospital a more productive one. One queue one bill: At every visit to the hospital you will always fnd a long queue at the bill counter causing a distress among everyone. After every treatment you will fnd the patients lining up at the counter to pay the bill as the hospital prompts them to pay immediately But as an alternative of paying a separate bill for every x-ray blood test and consultation a consolidated bill with these treatments will reduce the time and energy spent by the stafs and the patient on these repetitive processes.

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Bee siee behavior: The bed-side behaviour of doctors and nurses towards their patients makes a huge diference in the improvement of the patient’s health condition. The friendliness and the warm gestures exhibited by the doctors and nurses helps the patient in adapting to the hospital conditions thus making them feel welcomed to visit again. The above changes are small but it can produce large results in a healthcare organization. With proper guidance and expertise you can adapt these changes in your healthcare organization to improve healthcare delivery services and making your organization a successful one in the healthcare market.