4 Priorities in Healthcare Organisations - Q1 Newsletter 2019


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Healthcare organisations strive towards improving lives. Being in a life-changing industry, the priorities of these organisations becomes crucial. Read this quarter's newsletter to find out the priorities and more. For more details: https://www.frontenders.in/


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Priorities in Healthcare Organisation Priorities in Healthcare Organisation Q1 - eNewsletter Apr–Jun 2019 TM www.frontenders.in

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It is a noble deed to be in the service of others. Nei- ther is it an easy one. The questions of ‘Are we doing the right thing’ ‘What impact are we creating’ ‘How can we better ourselves’ surface time and again. With progress and advancement there are chances for an organisation to neglect priorities. However these priorities form the very backbone of the organ- isation. The values must not be bygones. It’s for this conviction of ours we strive continually. ‘Healthcare’ is a term that is broad yet it is one which significantly impacts life. Care and conviction form the core of all healthcare teams. In this edition we have focused on the ‘conviction’ aspect of health- care. It is not just conviction but also responsibility that defines true success. Read on to find out about the priorities in healthcare this quarter. Foreword Foreword -Editorial team 2

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Any service organisation working toward the benefit or improvement of society in general depends on the quality of people. It is not just people but the right ones. Maintaining a well-moti- vated and qualified workforce in pertinent. It is often the small things that count. A word of appreciation hints of care a keen interest in under- standing employees go a long way. It need not be expensive gifts that are required. Appreciate and recognise the good work of healthcare professionals. In short take care of the people that take care of others. Healthcare organisations play the role bridging crucial gaps in the standard of living. Be it hospitals or wellness centres fitness-based gyms pharmacies etc. They are involved in the business of developing creating and spreading the value of good health. When we say business it is not to be reckoned with money-making motives. 4 Being in the healthcare services gives organisa- tions an extra edge. The advantage of knowledge. This is not simply an advantage but also a responsi- bility. It is the rightful duty of those serving in healthcare to spread the knowledge. Contribution can be done in various ways. Beginning from health camps conferences events sponsorships and other biggies in the world of corporate social responsibility. In the least however companies can pass on useful information to their clients and custom- er-base. The right knowledge when leveraged is a powerful tool. Utilising social media as a platform to communicate this knowledge can further the stan- dards of not just healthcare but also the health of stakeholders. Priorities in Healthcare Organisation Priorities in Healthcare Organisation Taking the Social Standpoint Employee retention 3

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Enough emphasis cannot be laid on the mindset of organisations or rather the people whom organi- sations are made of. But it is not mindset that is everything. One must focus on the heartset. Yes that is something valid enough even powerful in realising success. The term ‘heartset’ has been defined by Mr. Robin Sharma a leadership expert in his book – The 5AM Club. It is not just the mindset that matters. The service value must arise from the heart and core of the organisation. All parts of the organisation no matter how small must reflect this service value. In healthcare it is not okay to say ‘Okay’. It is not right to settle down for mediocre. The best of the organisation has to be given in all aspects. It is not just because the organisation as to be the best but because it deals with matters of life of health and of living. Not compromising on quality and care healthcare organisations have a huge and important responsibility. Therefore though this priority of quality service. sounds clichéd every healthcare organisation must constantly review the aspects of quality in the services offered. Priorities in Healthcare Organisation Priorities in Healthcare Organisation Value of service Quality of service 4

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Highlights of Quarter I Highlights of Quarter I Business support service in setting up the centre and marketing an IVF centre in Coimbatore Completed the business planning and working on setting up of dental chain in Kenya Supporting in branding of a 200+ new hospital in Chennai Managing the operations of a 600 bedded hospital and medical college in Delhi Working on the expansion plan for a highly reputed South-Indian hospital in Chennai and Bengaluru 5 56 | P a g e Confidential and for the party intended in the disclaimer only VOLUME CALCULATIONS AND ASSUMPTIONS Based on the market research conducted the following conclusions with regards to the volume flow have been drawn for the first center at Nairobi in year 1. Of this the total available being already served and available to serve for Zuri Dental is as depicted.

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HIGHLIGHTS Marketing and branding of a new healthcare segment in India Successfully handling 18+ digital marketing healthcare projects in India 6 Our salivary glands produce 1 to 2 liters of salaiva in a day Our salivary glands produce 1 to 2 liters of salaiva in a day Laughter increases the blood flow and releases the feel-good hormones that contribute to relieving pain Did YOu Know Did YOu Know Get in touch with our urologist today. The tasty corn with origins in Mexico now spread all over the world is a good additon to your diet. Improves memory Protects vision Good for heart health C ORN- T A STI C Enjoy the Noise Take the right treatment to listen your favourite song with ease One stop clinic to find the best medical solution for all gastro problems

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