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Communication is the key for the smooth operations in the hospital. Clear communication provides a hassle-free platform for all the Stakeholders of the hospital. Why Communication is Important?


Types of Communication - Contractor or vendor coordination Insurance tie-ups PR coordination Internal Communication Staff communication Patient communication Management communication . External Communication This type involves the communication within the organization. This type comprises of the communication dealt outside the organization. .


Effects due to lack of Communication Confusion at the work place Medical error Delay in treatment Delay in discharge Delay in settling the bills Internal conflicts Unmet goals and mission Less productivity Less morale Lack of trust Patient dis-satisfaction Interruption in the operations Loss of trust with the vendors Attrition Employee dis-satisfaction Ineffective working environment Misinterpretations in executing physician’s instructions Missing of hospital data Data interruption Improper decision making Lack of team coordination


How to make the communication effective? Effective communication is very important to keep the system productive and efficient. Communication, be it internal or external, has to be very clear for a smooth functioning of the organization. Systemizing and standardizing the operating procedures narrow down the challenges. This could be achieved with the regular training of all employees at all levels. For the success of an organization, the communication channel should be very lucid.


Importance of Effective Communication Improves the productivity Build strong trust on the hospital Makes the system effective and efficient Enhances patient satisfaction Reduces the risks Drives the organization in the goal oriented path


How FrontEnders helps in enhancing your communication network? Fostering an environment that encourages and promotes better collaboration and teamwork of hospital staff- This helps in collective decision making rather than taking individual calls which is detrimental to patient care. Consolidated information makes hospital staff aware of their roles and responsibilities. It also enhances employee engagement and productivity. Developing a seamless and integrated information system- By doing this, critical information may be accurately communicated to the authorised staff involved in patient care. For example, diagnostic test results and contact details of patients may be instantly conveyed to physicians to expedite faster treatment. Likewise, they may be alerted on patient admissions or health emergencies. This creates a seamless, consistent experience for the patient and ensures high-quality care.


Constantly reviewing and updating the hospital policies and terms- For handling new healthcare regulations, enhanced accreditation requirements or internal process modifications, this is necessary. Clear internal communication to employees ensures that required changes are quickly and consistently implemented across the hospital. Equipping hospital staff with adequate skill sets and training- It is important that every employee is able to fully understand and utilize the hospital communication system. This calls for sufficient training and repeated practice on communication aspects and also on technology advancements. Thus fear of failures and resistance to change is overcome. Using strategic top management driven approach for clarity- By clearly communicating goals and expectations, hospital managers and administrators can help employees understand and work towards them. This may be enabled through periodic memos, emails, meetings and policy manuals.


Let your channel be clear without hindrance! Make your hospital to function effectively and productively with Clear communication channel.


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