4 Reasons Why Patient Retention is as Important as Patient Acquisition


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Here are 4 reasons why your focus should be balanced between patient acquisition and patient retention. More details @ https://www.frontenders.in/


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4 Reasons Why Patient Retention is as Important as Patient Acquisition When was the last time you have conducted a survey within your hospital to know what are the strategies you have been implementing for patient retention The current trends in Healthcare Marketing give you every reason to focus on patient retention. It has now become as much important as the patient acquisition. And there are sufcient reasons for you to focus on patient retention couple with the patient acquisition. • The customer loyalty business is increasing at a vigorous rate thanks to the increased focus on patient retention. • It is difcult to sell to a new customer than selling to the existing customer. • Making a new customer is always costlier than retaining the existing one. Developing a strong patient base is important for a hospital to succeed but having a patient base that is loyal is imperative. New patient visit helps you in grow faster but repeated patient visits are the key for the long-term success of your healthcare practice. It is a known fact that the loyal customers explore the new products that are being ofered under the same brand than the new customers. Hospitals are no diferent on this front. However patient retention is not as simple as it appears. Here are few steps that you need to follow to maintain a loyal customer base for an assured healthcare success in a long run. Make Everything Right During First Visit • If patients are visiting your practice you have succeeded in acquisition aspect. And many hospitals leave the rest with minimum efort to focus on next steps.

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• Focus more and more on various patient touch-points such as the reception the waiting hall experience proximity of various departments consultation rooms medical labs and diagnostic facilities and review rooms ect. • Make sure you are taking maximum efort to impress your customer in the premises as when it comes to medical care frst impression is always the last impression. Make Sure the Staf is Empathetic • Let your patients know that you care for them. Make sure your employees both medical and non-medical staf are empathetic towards the patients and their assistants. • It is the small gestures from your employees while interacting and providing information to the patients and their relatives that make the diference. • Let the staf know the importance of being polite and empathetic towards the people who come to the hospitals with a burden in mind. • The quality of being supportive and talking to the patients in an assured manner is critical. Introduce a Loyalty Program • Giving a concession or a discount on the service is something that works for almost all businesses. • Every time a repeated patient visits the hospital give them some incentives or loyalty points. • Extended consultation period from the frst visit or free consultation by redeeming the loyalty points are some tactics for better customer retention.

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Make Use of the Digital Platforms • Leveraging on the Digital Media platforms is one of the easiest ways for better patients retention. • Develop the brand on digital platforms and conduct various interactive sessions on the social media platforms. • Healthcare Marketing researches found that hospitals that have the mobile applications or the interactive websites are having both better conversion and retention rate than the rest. All these eforts yield results only when the operational efciency is efective in the hospital. Set-up various quality parameters for operational efciency. There are various healthcare consultancies that could help you in understanding the patient retention in a better perspective. Make use of the expertise of these consultancies as healthcare success depends on how efectively you make use of the resources within the organization and expert help from the healthcare consultancies.