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Happy to release our quarter 2 newsletter. Read this article to understand various stages that are involved in setting up a healthcare practice. To Subscribe, refer:


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Healthcare Practices - Conception to Completion Q2 eNewsletter Jul - Sep 2018

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- G. Srinivasan CEO-FrontEnders. - J. Krishna Kavya COO-FrontEnders. Transforming the healthcare dreams into a reality requires a unique set of skills. As a Healthcare Consult- ant our role is dened largely on how seamlessly we made you realize your dream of establishing a health- care facility. Read this article to understand various stages that are involved in setting up a healthcare practice. Another quarter has passed leaving doors open for the new horizons with optimized opportunities. As one of the steadfast healthcare consultancies FrontEnders is making sure that the rms growth is inevitable thanks to our ecient and staunching team. Oering our years of cross-functional and collective experience we are looking forward to important extensions.

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HOSPITAL Step by Step Guide to Establish a Hospital in India Health care is the basic need and right of every citizen of our country. Hospitals nurs- ing homes clinics medical camps etc form the platform for this healthcare delivery assisted by doctors nurses and other medical sta. Unfortunately India has a huge and growing population but a poor number of hospitals. India has one hospital bed for 879 people. This is far below the world average of 30 hospitals per 10000 population. According to the WHO India needs 80000 more hospital beds every year to meet the demands of its growing population. This highlights the need for more hospitals to be built at a faster pace. Setting up a medical hospital in India is not as easy as it sounds but we are here to give you some pointers to consider before taking the plunge.

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Here we consider the necessary steps required to set up hospitals in India. Hospitals can primari- ly be of two types- government or private. Fur- ther they can be general speciality or multispe- cialty hospitals. Following are the pointers one needs to keep in mind and set in place for setting up a private hospital in India: 1. Location of the Hospital This has to be chosen well because if there are already some hospitals in the locality then it will be dicult to pool in patients. Also the hospital needs to be set up in an area which has good transportation facility or is close to a railway station. Considering the cost of real estate a huge nancial investment is required. 2. Facilities your Hospital Oers One has to be sure what set-up is planned and what infrastructure is required. A pediatric orthopedic gynecologic oncology pathology imaging etc facility in the hospital all require dierent facilities. 3. Permits for your hospital A. Land and construction Land allotted for agriculture cannot be used. To start building the hospital wing several permis- sions from local authorities need to be taken. Numerous documents need to be approved like land deed architect’s plan etc

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B. Electricity and water As per the requirements of the hospital permis- sion has to be taken from the local governing body to obtain electric meters and water supply. Water requirement has to be calculated which for any setup is approx 100 litres per day. C. Sewage Proper disposal of waste requires a well planned sewage and drainage system which is done after permission is sought from the local board. D. Biomedical waste This is very vital aspect and permission of Munic- ipal Corporation is required for installing inciner- ators required to dispose of medical waste and body parts. E. Fire and Health Licence A Fire licence is necessary to prove that the hospital will not cause any damage or loss of life and needs to be procured from the local municipal council. Procuring a health licence is vital to provide health care to the patients. An occupation certicate is obtained after clearing all formalities.

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4. Planning your hospital infrastructure Take care of all these: Doctors their qualications and registration numbers recorded Nurses and working shifts discussed and set Medical equipment and instruments purchased Computers and other hardware devices set up Engineers and sta required for maintenance plumbing medical gas pipelines air condition- ing etc. set Multiple medical laws and ethics must be followed at every step. A set of guide lines and eligibility criteria have been put forth by our gov- ernment for hospitals which provide services to central government health scheme beneciaries. A tremendous amount of planning large nanc- es approvals certications licences and guide lines need to be followed while setting up a hos- pital in India. It might be well worth it at the end but needs ample time and mammoth eort to pool together the resources in place.

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