Healthcare Websites – 7 Best Practices You Should Follow


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Here are 7 best practices to follow while developing website for your healthcare practice. Continue reading to know more about it. More details @


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Healthcare Websites – 7 Best Practices You Should Follow Unless you have been living under a rock you would understand the fact that for any sort of business a website is a must and Healthcare Practices are not an exemption from it. The construction of a responsive website that is modern user-friendly and is in line with the reputation of the hospital help you in achieving your objectives as a healthcare provider. Website design for a hospital is a complex task as healthcare practices will have more information to project on a single platform. The viewer of the website may get confused while browsing through a health care website that has more information. In addition many hospitals fail to update their website or optimize it as per the latest standards of the search engines. The usage of various devices to browse is increasing and the websites are required to be compatible with all devices such as mobiles tabs laptops and desktops. In this era of digitization knowingly or unknowingly almost every industry has developed its own substance and form when it comes to website design. Though there are no principles it is evident that most of the hospitals follow the same format. It is essential for healthcare providers to know and ensure the same principles are obeyed while they are constructing the website. Keep these 7 essentials website design principles in mind while you are approaching for the healthcare digital marketing agencies to develop or update your website.

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1. Responsive and Compatible - The hospital website should be responsive and compatible. A good responsive website will provide all the necessary details without the need of using the chat bar. The website will dynamically adjust to all devices without the need to use of the zoom feature. These characteristics of the website will ensure the user experience with the website is good as a whole. 2. Patient Information - One of the modern features of healthcare practice websites is updating the patient information on their sites so that the relevant person can access his/her medical records with the credentials that they have been provided with. 3. Right Aligned Content - The term content includes the text image videos and infographics. Healthcare practices will often have to show lots of information and an optimized website provides a precise understanding of the information without making the user feel lost. Concentrate on the quality of the content and ensure every word used in the website carries some value with it. It will help you to deliver the exact message without using many words. 4. Appointment Form - A homepage pop-up for appointment will help the person who is looking to book the appointment or people in emergency situations. Include only the required details such as name age etc. and try to remove the unnecessary felds. People who are in urgency may not fnd enough time to fll all the details and sometimes it would become a task for them and they simply skip. 5. Contact Information - The contact information should have all the details such as email social media and of course the landline and mobile numbers. Mention if you have any specifc timings to get in touch. 6. Navigation - A website that has ideal navigation will make the user understand about the whole sitemap within the frst few seconds of the interaction with the website. While browsing the websites with a lot of

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information especially the healthcare websites people who are in a hurry may feel lost. It will indirectly impact the hospital’s online reputation. 7. Appropriate Content Usage - The images and the videos should compliment the health care services that you provide. Inappropriate imagery or any other form of content that is not relevant will take a toll on the overall impression of the hospital. 8. Marketing Goals - The website can be your platform to showcase your branding and marketing objectives. Ensure every word and image on your website speaks about how your healthcare practice can make a diference. Use this platform as a medium to reach your marketing and branding objectives. Keep in mind that your website look is part of your brand and it improves your brand reputation. The User Interface UI technology and the regular website standards in today’s era are climbing the ladder vigorously. In order to provide enhanced UI experience update your website time to time with the help of healthcare consultancies who would be able to advise best practices for increased patient satisfaction.