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New Year... New Possibilities... 2018 New Year is here with boundless opportuni- ties in Healthcare sector. If you are looking to start or stop a trend or a behaviour in your healthcare practice this is your virtuous year FE Group - e Newsletter Q3 Oct - Dec 2017

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FrontEnders Group welcomes this New Year with enthusiasm and with a clear vision for tomorrow. As we continue to endeavour to adapt the ground-breaking trends in Health- care Industry and apply the same in our client’s business as- pirations this year too we ensure that we support our clientele in achiving the maximized results by being ecient and cost-eective in every aspect. Join with us for a future that is full of possibilities…. Welcome Note 04

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Founder CEO FrontEnders Group More than often we hear the phrase – People are the biggest asset of an organization. It is only with the dedication and determination of our people we are able to nd solutions and serve our clients the best way possible. The steadfast business models or unam- biguous business strategies can help an organization to grow but the people are the ones who add value to its success. We at FrontEnders turn every stone to unlock the potential of our people. We strive to create a culture where the people are able to focus and express. In short we empower our people by rewarding good performances exhibit a positive attitude and cross-train them to contribute to their fullest for collective growth. I take this opportunity to thank every single one of you for your commitment and ded- ication. Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year Let’s hope this year take us closer to our dreams and aspirations. G. SRINIVASAN CEO Talk COO Talk I wish a very healthy and happy New Year to you all. The past year was stable for us and it bid a good bye while opening doors for the new opportunities in 2018. Look- ing back on 2017 I would like to emphasize not only on our achievement in reaching our organizational goals quantitatively but also the way we demonstrated the home healthcare operational versatility to advance in our strategic direction. Keeping in mind that the signicant need for innova- tions in healthcare and senior health management sectors in 2018 we aim to adapt to the constantly shift- ing industry trends and collectively overcome the obstacles that stood before us with enthusiasm and energy. J. Krishna Kavya Co Founder COO FrontEnders Group 05

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Innovative Healthcare How it can be Mastered Innovation in medical industry has progressed with constant pace thanks to the technological advancements and new inventions in medical sciences. The healthcare industry in most of the countries is witnessing faster growth than the GDP of that country indicating the wide scope for improvement in this sector every day. The core objective of healthcare innovations is to enhance the patient experience through personalized healing and it can be achieved in three ways. One focuses on the way the healthcare receiver is treated – not just the ailment but the way the whole set-up of the hospital makes the person feel. The second is the technological advances - enabling the hospital to perform advanced procedures with the help of equipment. The third one is creating accountability patterns - that encourage the ecien- cy of the hospital and help them to grow vertically. Innovations lead to personalization in medical care and now a days it has become a necessity than mere a need. The health- care receivers expect personalized treatment experience in every touch-point thus making the providers focus more on the enhanced health care delivery. Despite the huge investments in terms of money and time in the magnitude of healthcare innova- tions sometimes or more than often they seem to fail for various reasons. 06

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The patient focused delivery model includes operations that run with eciency and can result in more convenient health care while giving no scope for any errors in the delivery. The patients are nothing less than the regular consumers who expect nothing but the best and aordable. Faster and safe diagnostic procedures consultations with zero waiting period round the clock access to patient records comprehensive treatment solu- tions in a well-connected and technology enabled healthcare system could provide care that is innovative. The healthcare receivers these days are empowered with peer competition between health care practices and access to technological innovations that keep them abreast of the medi- cal procedures in turn making the health care players to be more cautious about their health care delivery. Patient Focused Technology Accountability Enhanced Patient Experience is the key in hospital management and to attain it your entire focus should be shifted towards the enhancement of the health care delivery package. Seeking profes- sional help always yield results as these healthcare management professions carry profound experience and customized operational and management models that open wider scope for improvement. It’s all about how you make the healthcare receiver feel within the hospital and beyond its walls. 07

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Vaccination Vital for Healthy Aging The warmth inside the blankets in the cool early mornings put a full stop to all your physical activities during winter. It is important for us to remember that many health complications such as breathing issues arthritis and u make it a season to be careful and cautious about health. It is scientically proven that as the cool weather make our immune system vulnerable to receive various illness and infec- tions it also strengthens the virus and bacteria. We become weak in terms of immunity as we age. This is the reason why seniors face more health issues during winter and monsoon. To protect themselves from the health issues seniors may seek external medical help in the form of vaccination. It is unfortunate that many seniors or their caregivers do not know about vaccination. As kids everyone would received vaccination but only a few seniors avail it to be strong. While we enjoy the cold weather by keeping our- selves warm it is children and sen- iors who are at the receiving end of various health issues throughout winter. 08

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Hepatitis B Vaccine Hepatitis B Hep B is a contagious disease that aects the liver. There are two types of Hepatitis B – Acute and Chronic. Acute Hepatitis B lasts for days to weeks showing symptoms such as fever and u. Chronic Hep B does not show any symptoms but can damage the liver if not treated. Why Hep B Vaccine for Seniors - The functions of liver changes as we age and seniors are more prone to develop if you have health conditions such as haemophilia renal disease or other complications that reduce the resistance of infection. When Hep B Should be Taken - It is given over a course of 6 months in 2 or 3 instalments. If you are not sure about the vaccination of your elders consult your doctor. Shingles Vaccine Shingles is a serious skin rash that is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. It is contagious and causes pain and itching sensation even for years post getting this rash. Why Shingles Vaccine for Seniors – As the immunity gets reduced in elderly due to the degenerative body conditions seniors are at a higher risk to get skin rashes and allergies. Shingles Vaccine for seniors will help them to reduce the risk of it at an older age. When Shingles Vaccine – The impact of this vaccine lasts for 5 years. After consulting the doctor seniors can avail this vaccine in one shot. Seniors who already diagnosed with Shingles can also avail this vaccine. Pneumococcal Vaccine Pneumococcal infections are concentrated on the key organs. The result of this condition are often seen in the forms of pneumonia meningitis and bacteraemia damag- ing the brain to cause deafness and health issues related to lungs. Why Pneumococcal Vaccine for Seniors – The impact of the Pneumococcal disease is concentrated on vital organs and when the vital organs are infected there greater chances that seniors experience weakening immune system that opens door for various other diseases and health disor- ders. When Pneumococcal Vaccine – This vaccine is given as two shots in a year with 6 months gap. Check with your doctor as on how you can proceed with the vaccination shots based on your current health condition. Inuenza Vaccine The Inuenza also known as u is a respiratory disorder that can become severe combined with chronic illness such as heart diseases and diabetes. However seniors who are perfectly healthy also prone get this disorder. When u is observed in people who are managing chronic illness it could lead to serious health complications. Why Inuenza Vaccine – As it is a contagious disease that becomes strong and spread at increased speed during cold weather conditions it is advisable for seniors to take Inuenza vaccine to signicantly reduce their risk of getting u. When Inuenza Vaccine – Inuenza vaccine is usually taken once in a year. Consult your doctor before going for this vaccine. 09

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In fact the medical tourists could get top cosmetic surgeons and consultants amid the high-tech infrastructure at a fraction of the total cost that they spend in the western countries. Besides being the top medical tourism nation in Asia’s pecking order India assures the highest quality treatment solutions that are both aorda- ble and accountable. Face and neck lifts with a vacation in sunny beaches of Goa a visit to famous French colonial Pondicherry after a breast enhancement skin rejuvenation treatments with a stay at Nilgiri hills and tummy tuck after visiting the culturally rich Temple City Tamil Nadu. The trend of undergoing knife for enhancements is now coupled with tourism just to make it more exotic India - The Best Destination for Cosmetic Surgeries Looking beautiful is not a luck but a decision to make. An enhanced look can certainly add value to the life in many stated and unstated aspects. 10

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Established Institutes and Centres for Cosmetic Surgery – India houses few of the renowned cosmetic surgery centres in the world backed by ecient medi- cal resources. Every academic year in India is produc- ing a substantial number of abled cosmetic surgeons to meet the increading demand. Experience and Certication of the Surgeons – This is probably the most important aspect to consider before undergoing the surgery. India oers high-quali- ty treatments through its surgeons in which most of them have been either trained or graduated from the prestigious institutes of the most advanced institutes. Tax Imposition on Cosmetic Surgeries in Western Countries – Cosmetic Surgeries are expensive in the European countries. In addition few countries are imposing big chunks of amount as tax on people who are undergoing the beauty enhancement treatments and this factor is favouring India. Availability of Plethora of Procedures – With the help of its exceptional medical talent and advanced medical features India operates the whole bunch of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. India has been on the top list in conducting the surgeries that have scope for improving symmetry. The Fountain of Youth in India is More Eective – Who doesn’t want to look young or want to enhance their appearance especially after learning the fact that all it takes is a small incision This very phenomenon is driv- ing the world towards the cosmetic surgeries making it a billion dollar industry especially in India. Exotic Locations to Spend the Post-Op Recovery with Utmost Privacy – The striking tourist destinations pres- ent in India which aunt rich cultural aura are just more than what you could count. The option of accessing aordable surgery and the exibility of recovering in exotic locations experience just couldn’t get better India continues to be consistent in sharing the same quality treatment thanks to its trained experienced and skilled medical professionals and institutes that are keeping their success rate abreast. To conclude India has been consistently occupying the top spot in Medical Tourism compared to the other Asian countries. Considering all the advantages India possesses the day when it becomes the hub of Cosmetic Medical Tourism is not too far away Factors that are fuelling India to become the Cosmetic Surgery Hub: 11

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Elderly life becomes easier when we learn and accept the natural changes that occur in our body. We may not be as independent as we once used to be and deny it or agree the support from an external hand is a necessity in this age than a need. Deciding what is the earliest time to consider the alternative senior living option is the key. Many elders will be hesitant to take help from their family members or caregivers. As the condence of such elders is appreciable it also opens the door for many risks in terms of falls and neglected health. As the body will be in the degener- ative stage when we are getting old performing daily activities will become a dicult task. There is nothing wrong in seeking help from the external sources to perform the daily activities. Due to various reasons the family mem- bers of the seniors may not be in a position to help their elderly with the support they required. As we get old physical ability gets reduced and so the cognitive abili- ty. Daily life becomes tough. These are the two key aspects of human survival and losing the eectiveness of them during old age may take some time to accept. Seniors often face it hard and letting them live with it constantly reminds them of their inability which is more dan- gerous. Though seniors constantly deny seeking support from the profes- sional caregivers at Assisted Living facilities it is your responsibility to explain them the need for availing support. Signs that Indicate Y our Elders Need Help 12

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Observing these Signs Deterred Cognitive Abilities – It is usual to experience some lento while thinking or doing things as one gets older. However the cognitive ability that includes thinking remembering and reasoning will become signicantly slower during the elderly age. Seniors will not remember about paying their bills struggle to use household things such as fridge switches kitchen utilities relling the groceries and even failing to button the clothes properly. Reduced Physical Abilities – We all require a certain amount of energy to perform a particular activity. During the young age we may not even recognize our daily activities such as brushing bathing cook- ing and housekeeping as ‘tasks’. During the elderly age performing daily activities becomes one of the most dicult tasks for seniors. If you observe their personal hygiene becomes a concern the surround- ing of the living places become grimy and cluttered. Restricted Mobility – Mobility issues arise as we grow old and these issues could be common for many elders. The pains will increase day by day making it dicult for your senior to stand or sit. The pains will conne them be in the same position for longer times just to avoid the pain it causes while moving a limb. At the assisted living facilities the professionally trained personal assistants ensure all the daily and routine activities of your elders are taken care. Bruises and Scars – Falls and trip overs are the few of the major reasons for injuries in seniors. If your elders are experiencing tough time to do their daily activities or often falling you may want to consider it as a sign. Mood Swings – If your elders are constantly experi- encing sudden low and high of themselves it could be a sign of depression or loneliness. Encourage your elders to engage in their social life. Insucient or Over Use of Medication – Taking the medication as prescribed time and dose is as much important as the treatment itself. If you observe your parents either taking over or insucient dose or miss- ing out on the times of the medication consider this as a sign of aging. Medication management is always not an easy task with the elders. Some deliberately miss out on it and some seniors may tend to forget to take it. At assisted living facilities seniors could easily socialize as they will get a chance to experience the elderly life amid like- minded people who fall in the same age bracket. Backed by the team of skilled and experienced senior healthcare professionals Assisted Living Facilities keep intact grammar of a home meant for aged people and the emotions behind it. Striving to instil resonance and weave quintessential moments in this signicant phase of your life Assisted Living could be the best choice for retired life. 13

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The Role of Vitamins in Stroke Recovery One of the major causes of illness and long term physical impairments prevalent in the aged community can be attributed to ‘Stroke’ . A Stroke is a medical condition that occurs due to shortage or interrupted supply of blood to the brain. This in turn causes deprivation of oxygen and nutrient supply to the brain cells creating extensive damage which may subsequently even cause their death. A stroke may arise due to two reasons. A blocked artery causes the ‘Ischemic Stroke’ . A Transient Ischemic Attack TIA causes a temporary blockage blood supply to the brain but does not cause permanent damage. Bursting or leaking of blood vessels lead to a ‘Haemorrhagic Stroke’ which is another type. There are numerous neuroprotective drugs and diets that provide the required healing after a stroke. Simultaneously there are proac- tive measures that may be taken for preventing a stroke from occur- ring through availing stroke foods and health supplements. The support for Stroke patient from the family members is as important as the medication itself. 14

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To conclude India has been consistently occupying the top spot in Medical Tourism compared to the other Asian countries. Considering all the advantages India possesses the day when it becomes the hub of Cosmetic Medical Tourism is not too far away Stroke results in physical disabilities speech diculties and/or cognitive problems. It is interesting to note that the stroke recovery timeline for each patient is dierent and depends on its intensity compliance to rehabilita- tion mechanisms and their own self-motivation. However apart from prescribed medication food plays an enormous role in reducing the risk factors and can even improve the body’s ability in healing after a stroke. Food for Stroke Survivors - Vitamin C Ascorbic acid plays an important role by enhancing both body immunity and protecting the arter- ies from further damage after a stroke. Also it reduces plaque accumulation thereby preventing subsequent attacks. - Vitamin B Niacin helps recover brain functions after a stroke and increases good cholesterol levels Coenzyme Q 10 that has anti-oxidant properties and reduces tissue damage in strokes and prevents cardio vascular diseases thereby sustaining subsequent attacks. Mineral supplements of Selenium boosts immunity in the body and brain so that it can heal to its maximum ability post stroke occurrence. It is found in axseeds salmon and mackerel. Deciency of Selenium causes clogged arteries thereby increasing the probability of stroke. Omega 3 fatty acids as in sh oil reduces triglyceride levels decreases mortality risks after heart attacks prevents development of new plaque deposits in arteries and decreases inammation enabling heal- ing process. Vitamin B12 Vitamin D Proteolytic enzymes and Probiotics also aid in quick recovery after a stroke. As a precau- tionary measure physicians must be consulted before these diets and supplements are taken. Vitamins Recovery from stroke could involve a combina- tion of medication physical and occupational therapy speech-language pathology and a balanced diet of whole grain foods and diet supplements. Stroke leaves one in a state that questions the life afterwards. However Stroke survivors too can live a normal life with the moral support of the family members and with the support of medication and a strict diet. 15

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