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FrontEnders healthcare consultancy services provides the latest medical solutions to both medical industrialists and healthcare establishment owners, which are easy on the pocket. FrontEnders’ Consultancy Services specializes in providing the most advanced resources to medical entrepreneurs. Our package includes Business Planning & Execution, Operations Management, Infrastructure Design & Facility Planning, Medical equipment planning, Information Technology, Branding & Marketing, and Human Resource Planning.


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FrontEnders Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd.:

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Brief Profile:

Brief Profile We are an emerging healthcare consulting firm. Our goal is to make a positive change, wherever we are and whatever we are into. The change might be lowering the cost of healthcare to end users or improving the reputation of healthcare delivered to compete in developing/developed global markets. The industry have undergone considerable changes, precisely in line with the striking (medical as well as information) technological leap, shift in disease burden, aging population, etc., that has come to pass in the contemporary period. This puts great pressure on healthcare administrators, to gear up accordingly, hence they can get prepared for meeting all types of probable challenges in healthcare delivery. FrontEnders will assist you to set up functional healthcare organizational as well as operational goal(s), from a long-term viability perspective. 3

To be a principle enabler of quality, affordable, accessible and sustainable healthcare services, globally. :

To be a principle enabler of quality, affordable, accessible and sustainable healthcare services, globally. Vision 4

To create, build and to deliver innovative solutions that suit our client needs and also to facilitate healthcare players in patient-centered care delivery.:

To create, build and to deliver innovative solutions that suit our client needs and also to facilitate healthcare players in patient-centered care delivery. Mission 5

Our Team:

Our Team Clarity in perceiving the various entailed practical hitches that are par for the course of the present-day healthcare standards and regulations in healthcare practice management services and the innate problem solving skills are the professional virtues of our Healthcare Consultants. 6

Why FrontEnders?:

Why FrontEnders? 7


Capabilities 8

Our Services:

Our Services 9

Hospital Business Planning & Execution:

Hospital Business Planning & Execution A hospital infrastructural planning should include certain realistic features , such as investment, location, modern facilities, recruitment of qualified, efficient, and dependable staff, professional training, safety, etc., which will make the related healthcare services popular and profitable. While planning the course of actions for hospital development projects, utmost care should be taken to make the overall facilities and services ‘patient-friendly’, ‘effective’, and ‘economical’. 10

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Infrastructure Design & Facility Planning :

Infrastructure Design & Facility Planning Planning the infrastructural design for a hospital, needs clear-cut vision, good grip on prevailing healthcare practice standards & ergonomics, catering population’s needs and wants and requirements of state and national regulatory bodies. Focus should be given to make each and every touch point (from the entrance to the exit) patient-friendly. A pleasant ambience must hover over the entire area, and patient/visitor must feel it easy to find the way to different sections. Areas like the registration department, diagnostic labs or scanning centers, payment counters, and the pharmacies must have easy and quick access. There should be sufficient help-line to the highly critical, elderly, or disabled patients. 12

Operations Management:

Operations Management Operations management decides the functionality and the practical success of organization. When handled in a casual, insipid manner, the realization of the organizational objectives becomes a remote possibility, even though there is no dearth of the required resources. Effective operations management will enable the healthcare organization to provide economically viable, but at the same time, functional and quality treatments to patients. 13

Gap Analysis:

Gap Analysis Gap analysis is a useful tool for all active healthcare organizations to examine the running system judiciously and for finding out the probable areas where more attention is required, hence the organization becomes more dynamic.   The process entails the assessment of the present condition, crafting plans for desired future state and mobilizing organization f or implementing of the same. In healthcare practice, precise gap analysis is a must for creating patient-friendly and technologically improved therapeutic functions. 14

Information Communication & Technology:

Information Communication & Technology We assist hospitals in ‘planning’, ‘sourcing’, and in the ‘implementation’ of the healthcare information system such as the ‘Practice Management Software (PMS)’ that assist doctors in ‘scheduling’, ‘billing’, and in the other ‘resource planning’ activities. We assist to build the ‘Laboratory Information System (LIS)’, ‘Radiology Information System (RIS)’, and ‘Hospital Information System (HIS) that supports the administrators and the medical practitioners in the day-to-day hospital operations and also in improving the productivity level. 15

Healthcare Digital Marketing:

Healthcare Digital Marketing Patients have become keen observers of healthcare services and always do significant amount of research before picking a hospital or a healthcare service center for their health needs. Hence , it becomes the organizational obligation of the healthcare entrepreneur to conduct online promotional as well as awareness activities in most apt and specialized ways. We have proven track record of making all categories of healthcare marketing services, patient-focused and value-based. We will make sure that our clients enjoy a beneficial online presence. You can bank on our expert assistance to make your hospital digital and social presence strong and stays more relevant to your audience. 16

Human Resource planning:

Human Resource planning Personnel who works within the framework of hospital management or healthcare management services must be qualified, experienced, devoted, and self-controlled people. Competence and dedication are the two vital qualities of all hospital staff.   Our team members, who are well-versed in all areas of healthcare management services, can rightly identify the required manpower for all your clinical and non-clinical departments. We have proven methods for finding out the real experts for all categories of healthcare services. 17

Projects Handled:

Projects Handled 18

Our Clients:

Our Clients 19

Client Profile:

Client Profile 20

Healthcare Consulting at its best:

Healthcare Consulting at its best FrontEnders started working with Karen Hospitals from 2012, for the past few years they have done lot of support in the area of HIMS, website development, getting ambulance from India, administrative staffs and clinical staffs including senior doctors from India and supported our business development activities. Karen hospital is looking very long term relationship with FrontEnders in many areas like our satellite clinic expansion program, construction of new medical school and getting doctors from India for our medical programs. We are very much satisfied with their commitment and follow-up, we have recommended to few of other healthcare partners in Kenya. We wish them to grow well in India and East Africa. Dr. Betty M Gikonyo   Chief Executive Officer  The Karen Hospitals, Kenya 21

Experts in Hospital Operations:

Experts in Hospital Operations FrontEnders, India is our principal advisor for the hospital projects as a national council that we have started in the year 2012. From the concept level to execution level they have expressed their caliber and capacity related to this projects in Kenya. Now one advanced OPD centre and one Level 5 Super Speciality Hospital with 100 beds in western Kenya has established in the “Jumuia Hospitals” brand. The entire community and we are excited about this initiative of NCCK through FrontEnders. Our vision of bringing Indian Healthcare model to Kenya is happening through FrontEnders team. General Secretary  NCCK, Kenya 22 We are glad to have engaged Frontenders healthcare services for our hospital in various areas. As a team they have supported us completely in establishing the internal process for the administration, guidance for the entire sales and marketing activities and also provided good advices in financial aspects such as planning of the hospital budget. Dr Prakash   Medicity Hospital   Chennai  

Thank you for Your valuable Time:

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