Breast Fat Grafting A Natural Breast Augmentation Technique

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Breast Fat Grafting: A Natural Breast Augmentation Technique Breast fat graft is a popular breast surgery in Korea that uses liposuction techniques to extract fat from another part or other parts of the body to inject into the breasts. It is a breast augmentation option for those looking to increase their breast size while maintaining the breasts natural feel and general appearance. A breast fat graft is also an ideal breast reconstruction technique for women who have undergone a mastectomy or whose breasts need reconstruction due to other medical conditions. However fat grafting as a breast reconstruction surgery is still a young and emerging technique which is why the longevity of its results remains undetermined. Lipofilling which is another type of fat grafting has been used recently to fix minor differences in the balance shape or position of reconstructed breasts. Because this has seen such great success doctors believe that they could rebuild entire breasts using autologous fat. Breast fat graft can be reasonably thought of as a safer procedure than other types of breast augmentation surgeries mainly because it is only slightly invasive doesnt involve major surgery and has a much lower risk of rejection. It is still very new and experts arent sure how successful the results will be for the long term. Furthermore there is a chance for the transplanted fat to be reabsorbed into the body over time causing the reconstructed breast to lose some of its volumes. It is also for this reason that some doctors who perform breast surgery in Korea may initially inject more fat than you may think you need during the procedure. Fat transfer breast augmentation is often thought of as a more desirable alternative than breast implantation. It is minimally invasive and uses the patients excess fat from areas where they have unwanted volume resulting in relatively low complication rates and breasts that look and feel natural.

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