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I LOVE YOU GUYS! A LOT. Carolina H a n n a h Rachel

Carolina Nauert : 

Carolina Nauert

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It’s not what you do in life But it’s who’s there with you

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You must be new. How did you know? You didn’t know to grab your duffle before the apes tossed it into the heap! Cool hat! ;)

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Best Friends: They know how stupid you are and still choose to be seen in public with you…

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He’s cute when he smiles…

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It should have been awkward… But it wasn’t.

Hannah Lutz : 

Hannah Lutz

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No one can really understand what is wrong with us! ;)

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A picture is worth a thousand words. But a picture with your best friend is worth a thousand inside jokes!

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How come you can make a number so much larger by adding a 0 which is nothing!? It doesn’t make sense!

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We're soaring, flying There's not a star in heaven that we can't reach. If we're trying, so we're breaking free. HSM

Rachel Lutz : 

Rachel Lutz

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I can’t wait till I go to high school! Don’t ever say that!!! STAY HERE AS LONG AS YOU CAN! Schnuffel Bunny Snuggle Song You are my sweetest love, this love ...I always wanna hug,because I really love you,the world just has to know.I'll do anything for you,there is nothing I wouldn't do.snuggle, cuddle and then hug me,with you I always want to be.

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Don’t worry! I can save you if you start getting tired… 5 minutes later Oh by the way, I probably can’t save you. What!??? YOU TELL ME THIS NOW!

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No comment necessary…

Slide 19: 

3 years ago we broke your window… just so we could take a picture on the roof.

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