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It’s quite rare that cellular phone companies claim to be the leaders in telecommunication products and services and actually live up to consumers’ expectations. All mobile phone manufacturers would do everything in order to promote their latest model in order to be considered as the best [hone ever made. Samsung, a globally known company that specializes in mobile phones, home appliances and other electronic gadgets, has released what is being called the “IPad Killer”, referring to Apple’s communication tablet device, and with several features making up the entire package, its pretty clear that this is going to be a no-brainer as far as popularity goes. If you want to have a gadget which is all in one, then this Galaxy Tablet is for you. Okay, time for to wipe the drool off your face, it’s quite apparent that you, my techie geek friend, have this on your must-have list, but why bother spending a fortune for it when you can get a free Samsung Galaxy Tab instead? It sure is quite early to celebrate Christmas, but getting one for free is pretty much synonymous with said holiday. The famous Samsung Galaxy Tab is 7 inches wide and has a great resolution. Its touchWiz user interface and precise motion sensors provide wide functionality. If you love to search the internet, then with its wifi capability, you can definitely surf all you want and visit your favorite Social Networking sites. It is also equipped with Bluetooth so you can connect with other Bluetooth capable gadgets . As far as media features go, you have a 3.15 megapixel camera at the back of the phone that allows you take pictures and video with HD quality, in a eye-popping resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, so every detail won’t be left untouched. A secondary camera is located on the front of the phone, and this is mainly used for webcam and conference calls so the businessman on the go can still attend his meetings with his clients despite his current location. If you want a free Samsung Galaxy Tab, you better look for ways to get it for free. You have several websites all over the ‘Net offering promotions in exchange of filling out a few surveys and such, and check up on your nearest large chain retail stores like Radio Shack, Walmart, or Best Buy. Visit the electronics department of these stores and catch up on the latest promotions and contests, as you’re bound to win something of interest there, even this communication device.

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