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Presentation Description - Odours and organic emissions are an inherent part of industrial sectors and wastewater treatment processes. Odour removal products are available which can efficiently remove odours from various sources.


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Welcome EcoEX-Odour Control

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EcoEX provides a holistic solution to the group of water and waste treatment options by seamlessly incorporating world class techniques into the modus operandi. They serve as effective options to control the odour and make necessary changes to the waste treatment methods. About us

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Bio Scrubbers Chemical Scrubbers Carbon Scrubbers 2 1 3 2 Our Some Product

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Product Details Bio Scrubbers Treadwell is pleased to be able to offer a wide range of Biological odour control systems in the form of biofilters , designed around your specific needs. Biological odour control filtering offers an environmentally friendly solution to dealing with foul smell and other obnoxious elements hindering the state of well being. Carbon Scrubbers Chemical Scrubbers Utilising a range of dry media products that involve activated carbon as the primary bonding agent means EcoEX can offer an extensive range of Carbon Scrubbers ranging from 2 cfm through to 30,000 cfm . Treadwell's chemical scrubbers offer a top end odour removal solution by utilising water streams dosed with a range of chemicals. These are ideally designed for Ammonia and Hydrogen sulphide removal.

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Contact Details Treadwell Group Pty Ltd Adelaide | Brisbane | Perth Australia Email: [email protected] Website:

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