Cold Calling is an Addiction


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Is cold calling an addiction? This author and business owner thinks so and believes that salespeople get hooked on cold calling out of fear of the unknown. Break the cold calling addiction once and for all!


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Is Cold Calling an Addiction?:

Is Cold Calling an Addiction? A presentation by Frank Rumbauskas New York Times Best-Selling Author

That's the question I'm asking today: Is cold calling an addiction? :

That's the question I'm asking today: Is cold calling an addiction ?

First, a bit of background…:

First, a bit of background… because there are 3 varieties of cold calling addicts - the first two are related because one eventually morphs into the other, and the third is another story altogether.

“Tradition" type. :

“Tradition " type. "Because that's the way we've always done it." ….taught cold calling by their bosses …who learned it from their bosses …and so on down the line …who learned it from their bosses "Because that's the way we've always done it."

The “Addict." :

The “Addict ." This type of salesperson frequently starts out as the "tradition" type, who has been taught by sales managers that there is absolutely, positively no other way to prospect other than by making cold calls.

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But, eventually….These sales reps spend many years of their sales careers cold calling. They fall into a comfort zone, they get complacent and become satisfied with barely meeting their quotas - and the income that comes with only making quota - and they begin to fear the very thought of trying something different. "What if it doesn't work?”

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Study by Kenan -Flagler Business School ( University of North Carolina) 80% of American business decision makers won't buy from a cold call. The addicts are all fighting each other for that measly 20% - only 1 out of 5 prospective buyers! Here's the problem: Making cold calls is very much becoming a zero-sum game.

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To make matters worse, they manage to get a sale from cold calling just often enough to convince themselves that it's "working," and so they continue the addiction . In reality, what they're doing is fighting a zero-sum game with their peers, while those who have opened their minds to alternative methods of lead generation are having an easy time picking up sale after sale after sale from the 80% who reject cold calls.

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And each time they do make a sale, they feel that rush, just like any other kind of addict, and they fall right back into the pattern of making cold calls to find the next sale .

The Macho Man:

The Macho Man “Real men" cold call and if you make sales without cold calling, it somehow doesn't really count.

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In summary, if you're suffering from the cold calling addiction, you need to break it and move on toward other, more modern , more effective methods of finding prospects - things like social media and LinkedIn , online lead generation, publicity , effective networking , and the myriad of other lead generation strategies that blow the doors off of old, antiquated cold calling any day of the week.

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