Cold Calling A Small Business Owner

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Cold Calling: A Business Owner's Perspective:

Cold Calling: A Business Owner's Perspective A presentation by Frank Rumbauskas New York Times Best-Selling Author

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9 years after starting my sales training business, where I teach salespeople how to prospect without cold calling, I'm surprised that cold calling still exists.

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Even worse, that I'm still receiving hate mail on a daily basis from people who have a bizarre emotional connection to cold calling. People react as though I'm bad-mouthing their children . To make matters worse, sales organizations across the board are still teaching their teams to cold call.

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Well , I have no idea… Having made the transition from cold calling salesperson to business owner, I can tell you that it's a very eye-opening experience , and, furthermore, that cold calling is especially ridiculous from this vantage point. Why?

For starters, cold calls never reach me. :

For starters, cold calls never reach me. I've set up my office and phone system so I'm never bothered by them. Receptionist transfers them to a special mailbox specifically designated for cold calls. And guess what - it's never checked!

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And I'll let you in on another little secret: This is becoming a common practice among small business owners, executives, and other desirable prospects!

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Is this RUDE? I don't think so.

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RUDE! ….is when you're buried under a pile of work and hectic schedule, and you're interrupted by a cold call.

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To make matters worse, 98% of salespeople, by my estimate, aren't calling because they can give you any real value . They're calling because they desperately need to make a sale, and you can give it to them!

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In other words, they're interrupting your busy day in order to take something from you, rather than to give you value .

Are all salespeople takers?:

Are all salespeople takers? No . Absolutely not. Many salespeople give tremendous value, far beyond the cost of their products or services. But , they're in such high demand and so flooded with referrals that they don't have to bother with cold calling. I know that when I reached that stage of maturity as a salesperson where I began to focus on what I could give to prospects, rather than how many sales I could get, I found myself literally overwhelmed with referral business.

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Here's another tidbit: A few years back, the Kenan -Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina conducted a study on cold calling, and concluded that over 80% of business executives absolutely, positively will not buy as the result of a cold call.

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That means that 20% will. It also means that the "cold calling works" crowd is all fighting for the same 20% of the market, and deluding themselves into believing that cold calling works all because they get a sale now and then from that 20%.

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The rest of us who are using intelligent self-marketing and prospecting techniques are happily getting checks and signed contracts from the 80%. And building long-lasting relationships in the process. Which means lots of referral business, for a long time.

Perception Aspect:

Perception Aspect Why doesn’t the salesperson have enough referrals ? Why aren't they giving better service to their customers?

Why isn't the company running a marketing campaign to generate leads?:

Why isn't the company running a marketing campaign to generate leads? Are they really that broke ? Will they still be in business in 1 year…or 5…. to service my needs ?

But, I'm not going to argue with the "cold calling works" crowd.:

But, I'm not going to argue with the "cold calling works" crowd. They'll just call you lazy for not cold calling. Meanwhile , you're laughing your way to the bank while they go out and make some more calls, hoping to hang on to a job for another month, while stopping at some point to send me an email calling me an idiot.

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Cold calling is very time-consuming. If they stopped to think about how much more income they'd receive by spending that time face-to-face with qualified prospects, rather than looking for new prospects, they might change their ways.

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“ 98 out of every 100 people are not willing to go the extra mile , and will be satisfied with the status quo and with whatever life hands them .” Napoleon Hill

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