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Sedation dentistry at Francis j. DuCoin DMD lets you relax through your dental treatment, allowing you to get the dental care you deserved.


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Sedation Dentistry A Simple Way to Really Relax You in a Dentists Chair

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Does the thought of making a dental visit make you tensed and fearful Would you rather bear the pain of toothache than visiting a dentist You are not alone there are lot of people who are so fearful about going to a dentist that they rather prefer not to have any dental treatment

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For people who fear going to a dentist sedation dentistry may help them ease the dental treatment by reducing some of the anxiety

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Sedation dentistry can be helpful to perform almost every dental procedure including invasive procedure to simple teeth cleaning. How it is used may depend on the level of fear.

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Sedation dentistry make use of medication to help patients feel comfort during the procedure. It is sometime referred as “sleep dentistry” but that’s not entirely true. Because the patients are generally awake during the procedure except if the patient is administered with general anesthesia

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Types of Sedation used in dentistry • Inhaled minimal sedation • Oral sedation • IV moderate sedation • Deep sedation and general anesthesia

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Inhaled minimal sedation You are made to breathe nitrous oxide also known as “laughing gas” Your dentist will be able to control the level of sedation you receive

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Oral sedation Oral sedation can range from minimal to moderate depending on the total dose given. Typically a pill is given which will make you drowsy but you will still be awake.

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IV moderate sedation The sedation is administered through the vein so that the sedation work more quickly

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Deep sedation and general anesthesia In this type of sedation you will be nearly unconscious or totally unconscious during the dental procedure While you are under deep sedation you will not be able to wake up until the effects of the anesthesia is reversed with medication or wear off

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Level of sedation • Minimal sedation – In this type of sedation you will be awake but relaxed • Moderate sedation – In this type of sedation you may slur your words when you speak and you will not remember most of your procedure • Deep sedation – In this type of sedation you will be conscious but you can still be awakened • General anesthesia – In this type of sedation you will be completely unconscious

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Can Every Dentist Perform Sedation Minimal sedation such as nitrous oxide can be administered by a dentists additionally an increasing number of dentist can administer moderate sedation too. A small percentage of dentists who have accomplished the Commission on Dental Accreditation CODA program in deep sedation can deep sedation. It is important to ensure that your dentist is qualified and trained to perform sedation dentistry in Stuart FL

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Don’t let your dental fear prevent you from getting the care you require Schedule a consultation today to make your dental visit a comfortable one with Sedation Dentistry in Stuart Fl

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