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Audience Feedback:

Audience Feedback Francesca Knight

What we did:

What we did In order for us to find out if we was on the right track with our film and if it was going to be successful with our target audience, we carried out a survey to a room full of teenagers which are our target audience in order to find out what they thought.

What we found out:

What we found out From carrying out a survey for the audience to fill out whist watching the rough cut of our film we found out that we need: To add ambient sound to make it more realistic To add music to add tension To add titles

Adding titles :

Adding titles By adding titles this will enable our audience to understand who: Production company is Main characters/who starred Film name Produced by Directed by Music by

Adding music/ambient sound:

Adding music/ambient sound By adding dramatic music to our film this will create tension in situations during the film, this will tell our audience that something is about to happen. Also by adding sad music/friendly music to our film this will also add emotion to certain scenes that we want our audience to feel and react. By adding ambient sounds it makes our film seem more realistic and our characters more life like, this will make the audience believe our storyline.

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