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Become A Successful Forex Trader:

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Content At A Glance Introduction Beginner's Guide for Forex Trading Importance of Forex Education S ome S teps to Be A Good Forex Trader Conclusion 10/30/2019 2


Introduction Forex trading is educational, accessible, exciting, and a source of good earning. 10/30/2019 3

Cont’d :

Cont’d Even after doing all these things 90 % of people are losing their money. 10/30/2019 4

Cont’d :

Cont’d Here, the goal should be specific and the steps to achieve the goal should be followed properly. 10/30/2019 5

Guide for Forex Trading :

Guide for Forex Trading Firstly, select a goal that how much you want to earn or profit Next is how to achieve the goal 10/30/2019 6 Identify free of cost available resources Search information in Google & YouTube Engage yourself with forex experts Besides, spend some money on training

Importance of Forex Education :

Importance of Forex Education Forex is one of the most constantly changing markets.  So as a trader, you have to understand the ups and downs in this market. 10/30/2019 7


Cont’d Y ou have to be patient, mindful, talented and consistent in the forex market. 10/30/2019 8 It is a combination of lots of things and to be successful in this market rather than a specific rule.


Cont’d Novice with no experience might win in forex trading and experience people might lose in the business but in the long run, the experience people will survive. 10/30/2019 9

Steps to Be A Good Forex Trader:

S teps to Be A G ood Forex Trader Never Procrastinate 10/30/2019 10 1.Don’t Put Work for Tomorrow 2. Important , What C an You Do Today 3 .Utilize Every Opportunity


Cont’d More practice 10/30/2019 11 1. Practice a lot, which makes you perfect 2. B est way to practice is to use a demo account 3. Keep your demo account consistent with your reality


Cont’d Never Stop Learn 10/30/2019 12 2. Learn more to predict better 3. The more you read the better your prediction will be 1 . Keep Learning everyday


Cont’d Recognition of The Facts 10/30/2019 13 2. Understand the risk to reward ratio 3. Otherwise it will be difficult to survive in the market 1 . Understand the risk and safety


Cont’d Invest What You Can Manage 10/30/2019 14 2. Try to increase with profit 3. Starting a small business will minimize your risk 1 . Start with small amount


Cont’d Start With A Single Currency Pair 10/30/2019 15 2. Advice would be to start with single currency pair 1 . Currency trading is complicated , competitive & unpredictable safety


Cont’d Always Control Your Emotions 10/30/2019 16 2. So, control your emotion at least in forex business 1 . 90% people fail because of their greed & emotion


Cont’d Develop Upon Your Own Strategy 10/30/2019 17 2. Don’t change decision in the half way out of your emotion 1 . Develop own strategy and follow it


Cont’d Maintain a Proper Record 10/30/2019 18 2. Learn from mistakes & apply those strategies in the right way 1 . Keep all the records of success and failure


Conclusion Let’s Summarize all the tricks Always Set stop-losses in trading or your failure is almost certain. Develop your own trading plan for the future. Always risk less than 3% of your margin per signal . Do not try to take revenge on the market in trap of emotions Trade only when you feel confident Always try to gain more profitable trades Never be afraid of loss 10/30/2019 19


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