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Forefront Global has been offering financial advice and investment opportunities both locally and on a global scale to our clients since 2012. For more details visit:


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Forefront Global Wealth Management Hong Kong

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Wealth Management Hong Kong Our team of highly experienced wealth managers work around the clock to bring our clients the level of service and dedication they deserve when investing.  Forefront Global are focused on delivering to our clients the most accurate and up to date information which enables our managers to execute trades with precision leading to the success we show our clients . We know that when it is your first time investing it can be a difficult task to create and manage your own portfolio

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Wealth Management Hong Kong We know that when it is your first time investing it can be a difficult task to create and manage your own portfolio, this is why Forefront Global brokers will work with you at your speed, giving you all the information you require to be able to make the right decisions for your financial future . Our first point of contact is always to get to know you as a person, we need to know what your goals are and what your preferences in the markets are, with this level of personal service we are able to prioritize which investment opportunities you will have available, thus creating a portfolio that is more suited to you.

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Wealth Management Hong Kong Forefront Global believes there is not a single investment out there that suits every investor, each of our brokers treat our clients as the individuals that they are, meaning that the investment strategy that the client will receive is designed around them. Being an international brokerage gives us the advantage of having access to more than just local markets. Using our network of bespoke financial service providers we are able to offer our clients a huge selection of local and international markets all over the world.

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Wealth Management Hong Kong While taking into consideration the information you may share with our brokers, they are able to integrate many different investment opportunities into your portfolio, which in turn will increase your returns. Our main goal when working with a client, is to enable them to reach their financial goals and then create a bigger goal, client success is our number one priority. Forefront Global understands that each of our clients have a different outlook, goal, and motivation for investing, it is our goal as a company and your financial advisor to help you meet those. We will work closely with you to assist in building and maintaining your portfolios.

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Wealth Management Hong Kong Contact Us: Phone: +85230188992 Fax : +85230062711

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