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Global Warming:

Global Warming by; Wes Bodnar

Interesting Facts:

Interesting Facts Global warming is an increase in the Earths heat over a period of time. Industry is giving off the most co2 that is making the world hotter. Cows are giving off methane which is contributing to global warming. Northern countries are warming so disease carrying insects are moving farther north. In some areas of the world the people are getting droughts because of the increasing of heat. If the polar icecaps melt they won’t reflect the sun and because of that the ocean will absorb the sunlight and make the Earth even hotter.

Spreading the Word:

Spreading the Word I will put posters on my school that say the effects of global warming. I will create a website that talks about global warming. I will put flyers in people mailboxes to stop global warming

Lesson Learned:

Lesson Learned I learned a lot from this activity. I learned many cool facts. The fact that I thought was the most interesting was if the polar icecaps melt, the ocean will absorb the suns rays and make the Earth even hotter. I also, learned how to make a p ower point presentation. This activity was very educating .

My Pledge:

My Pledge I pledge to never litter again. I will try to think of a solution to stop using smokestacks. I will pick up garbage that is around my house .