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Focus Tracking System working based on existing GSM / GPS network and GPS satellites, our GPS tracker is a small and powerful tracking device that is developed for personal and pet etc.


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GPS TRACKING DEVICE IN COIMBATORE CONTACT INFO +91-97511-88400 6-A 2nd Floor Surya Garden PeelameduCoimbatore – 641 004 Tamilnadu India.

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GPS GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM • A GPS Tracking unit is a device normally carried by a moving vehicle or person that uses the Global Positioning System to determine and track its precise location. • The recorded location data can be stored within the tracking or it may be transmitted to a central location data base.

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Types of vehicles for tracking devices there are • Truck tracker • Two wheeler tracker • Four wheeler tracker • Personal tracker FTS provides a device which is used to tracking the moving vehicle and person etc. TRACKING DEVICE MODELS IN FTS

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• A GPS trackers contains GPS module to receive the GPS signal. • There are so many tracking device models like FTS 2111-02B for bike FTS 2111-02A for cars and trucks FTS 2111-03D are available with SOS button mike with external antenna for signal purpose mainly for trucks which travels in remote area FTS 7100/TRUCKS and FTS 5210/ASSETS and FTS 2001/PERSONAL. FOCUS TRACKING SYSTEM FTS SERVICES

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• Personal tracking • Asset tracking • Two wheeler tracking device • Four wheeler tracking device TYPES OF GPS TRACKING Types:

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• Whether you are concerned about the well being of your small children would like to offer additional layers of security for your loved ones or family members • Keep track of family members employees or anyone you need to monitor with a personal GPS Tracking. Between a real- time personal GPS Tracker PERSONAL TRACKING

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• Assets may also be tracked globally using devices which combine the GPS system and Mobile Phone or satellite phone technology. Such devices are known as GPS Asset Tracker • The frequency with which the position of the device must be known or available dictates the quality size or type of GPS asset tracker required. ASSET TRACKING

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ABOUT GPS IN FOCUS TRACKING SYSTEM • Focus Tracking System is manufacturer supplying and service providing for a GPS Tracks in overall Tamil Nadu India. • Personal Tracker Devices are light weight wearable location devices specially designed for valuable assets. With so many enormous options.