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Focused Driven Lifestyle is the best lifestyle and wellness coaching in Bloomington. We are offer certified lifestyle, wellness, and business coach services at an affordable price.


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We Help You Focus at Work, Home, and Play... Focus | Prioritize | Achieve :

We Help You Focus at Work, Home, and Play ... Focus | Prioritize | Achieve


I am Lyman A. Montgomery, President of Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, LLC, and a certified lifestyle and business coach. Hello!

Do You Struggle with Staying Focused at Work?:

Do You Struggle with Staying Focused at Work ? Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, LLC  was created for entrepreneurs and executives struggling with staying focused, whether at work or at home due to multiple distractions .  Let's face it, distractions are everywhere . Constant phone calls, social media notifications, and the bombardment of emails have caused many professionals to struggle with managing work and home. 

Our Focused Driven Philosophy:

Our Focused Driven Philosophy Our philosophy is based on the doctorial work of Lyman A. Montgomery. Through his signature FOCUS Business Model, you will be able to implement a strategy that:    Focus on Strategic Prospecting Operational Process Excellence Customer-focused staff Utilization of platforms to promote products/services Systematize profit-generating activities.

Our Core Values:

Focused Driven Work Ethic We are committed to doing business in an ethical manner that values diversity, respects alternative views and takes responsibility for mistakes and being accountable to the principles of our core values . Our Core Values Opportunities to Grow and Develop We believe that personal and professional development is essential to your continuous growth and development. Creative and Fun Work Environment We are committed to creating a work environment that inspires creativity, promotes fun, and nurtures innovation and ingenuity. Unity of Purpose & Commitment We are committed to building a unified work team that functions to its full potential and where each member gives 100% in producing focused Driven outcomes. . Sustainable Practices We are committed to having practices, policies, and procedures that are flexible and sustainable in building a Focused Driven culture where everyone is valued and respected without regard to race, religion etc. Open Communication We are committed to building and sustaining a culture of open and fluid communication where issues are addressed in a respectful and constructive manner with a focused Driven resolution

Books & Resources:

Books & Resources

Our Mission:

Our Mission Our Mission  is to help you get focused, refocus, and stay focused, so you can live and enjoy a focused driven lifestyle.  Did you know Bill Gates has a personal coach? Hear what he has to say about having a coach . Click here. 7


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