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Planet Simulator Game PLANET DEFENDER is a VR FPS diversion created on Unity motor. Its the first form of the application and now underpins Oculus and HTC Vive. We intend to utilize Steam as the first and the main web based offering stage. Our planet has been attacked by space privateers who are taking the entire universes assets. This is the last seek after the planet defender game so you should utilize the laser weapon to battle back the foes. Battle back and how about we secure our planet Utilize the controllers to focus on the foes and trigger to shoot. Shoot every one of the foes and shield yourself from hurt in 150 seconds to get HIGH SCORE In Planet Defenders players are endeavoring to catch wayward robots utilizing the 3 super planet protectors robots. Defender arcade game to do this players utilize activities to venture to every part of the planet framework gathering assets and innovation. Segments: The amusement parts incorporate tiles cards 3 planet protector standees and little translucent battery solid shapes and bigger Energy 3D shapes. Play: The 9 planet tiles frame a secluded load up that the planet safeguards go on. The rebel robots are set along the four edges of the load up and can be caught from any of the planes along a similar side. Every player begins with 5 batteries. On a turn they are permitted to do the principle activity on more than one occasion and an additional activity. The primary activity comprises of paying a battery to one of 3 development cards.

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This enables you to move one of the 3 planet safeguards. One side of 3 development cards enable each of the safeguards to move 1 space orthogonally and the opposite side 2 spaces. Planet simulator game after a card has been utilized it flips to the inverse side on the following turn. On the off chance that the card wasnt utilized it doesnt flip. In the event that a moment principle activity is done it costs 2 batteries. After development you can initiate the planets capacity picking up vitality solid shapes or batteries. Following the principle activity every player is permitted one additional activity. The first is obtaining an innovation card with batteries or vitality shapes. Innovation cards give benefits like diminishing the cost of catching robots or increasing additional batteries. The other additional activity is catching a robot. Robot planet game with a specific end goal to catch a robot players must play the cost the pick up a little advantage and take the robot card. The diversion closes when 2 heaps of robot cards are vacant. Last scoring incorporate focuses on caught robots and additionally focuses for gathered tech cards and diverse sorts shading of caught robots.