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http://www.florida-liquorlicense.com At Liquor License Marketplace, we specialize in selling, buying, and lending for liquor licenses in all counties of Florida.


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LIQUOR LICENSE MARKETPLACE, INC We Specialize in Selling, Buying, and Lending for Liquor Licenses in all counties of Florida. We Proudly offer over 20 years of expertise in all aspects of Liquor License Brokering and Lending.

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FLORIDA LIQUOR LICENSE FORMS ABT-6002 : Application for Transfer of Ownership Used to transfer the ownership of an existing alcoholic beverage license. ABT-6007 : Request for Cancellation of Permanent License May be used by the owner of an alcoholic beverage license to request cancellation of the permanent license. ABT-6010 : Application for Changes to Pool Buying Groups Used by the authorized pool group agent to record changes/additions or deletions to a pool buying group consisting of retail alcoholic beverage licensees. ABT-6015 : Application for Delinquent Renewal Used by wholesale and retail alcoholic beverage licensees, and wholesale cigarette exporters or other tobacco products distributors, to renew a license or permit that was placed into a null and void status due to non-renewal. ABT-6022 : Application for Lien/Mortgagees Interest in Spirituous Alcoholic Beverage License Used to record liens, assumptions or assignments, or the renewal or extension of a lien pledged against a retailers liquor license. A lien must be filed within 90 days of the dated, executed security agreement and promissory note. MAY NOT be used to file a lien against a beer, or beer and wine retail license. ABT-6027 : Application for Escrow of an Alcoholic Beverage License Used to place a quota liquor license into escrow. This is necessary if the license is not in a location. ABT-6030 : Administrative Escrow Request Application Used by a commercial property owner or their leasing agent to remove an existing license from a location so that a new license may be issued for that location. ABT-6031 : Request for Withdrawal of Application May be used by an applicant to request the withdrawal of an application that has been filed with the Division.

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