Glaucoma and its Various Treatment Options!


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Glaucomas are of different types and so are the treatment options available for them. Most glaucoma patients are treated with eye drops, but some may require laser treatment or various incisional eye surgeries. To know more about Glaucoma Treatment options visit our website - Address - Company: Florida Eye SpecialistsAddress: 13453 N. Main Street Unit 306, City: Jacksonville, State: FL, Zip code: 32218, Phone number: (904) 564-2020, Fax number: (904) 562-3381.


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Studies suggest that half of the people in the US are afected by glaucoma.

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So what is glaucoma It is a group of eye diseases that when lef unatended may even steal the eyesight without any warning.

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Glaucomas are of diferent types and so are the treatment optons available for them. Timely detecton and treatment are vital to preserving your vision.

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Most glaucoma patents are treated with eye drops but some may require laser treatment or various incisional eye surgeries.

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Florida Eye Specialists ofers the latest technology available for the diagnosis and surgical treatment of glaucoma.

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Florida Eye Specialists has the largest glaucoma team in the region featuring some of the states most acknowledged glaucoma doctors Dr. Kethryn B. Freidl M.D. Dr. Kenzo J. Koike M.D Dr. Rajesh K. Shety M.D.

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They have introduced several advanced surgical treatment optons for glaucoma to the area including minimally invasive glaucoma surgery. Selectve Laser Trabeculoplasty Laser Peripheral Iridotomy Laser Gonioplasty Canaloplasty Trabectome iStent Kahook Double Blade Goniotomy Trabeculectomy Tube Shunt Drainage Implantaton Endocyclophotocoaulaton ECP

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Our treatment protocols are designed to match your needs.

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For further queries regarding glaucoma treatment optons and appointments for consultaton you can get in touch with us via phone: 904-564-2020.