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Setup your cover page Voice mail is an option developed by Popfax for customers interested in reliable and innovative Unified Messaging Services, and is included in the Option Pack. To setup the cover page layout and generic fields you have to login to your Popfax account and access the “ Account management ” page. All the fields are filled by default with the information you have inserted in the “ Customer details ” section, excepting the Header logo, that is Popfax.com by default.

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Add a cover page to your fax Insert a cover page from web interface Insert a cover page from email application To add a cover page to your fax from web, enable the “Insert cover page” check box and type the content in the displayed text area. If the text area is left empty, a default value is inserted. Default cover page content To add a cover page to your fax from an email application, create an email to < fax_number >@ coverpage.popfax.com , type your security code in the subject , upload the file with the fax content, and type the cover page content inside the body of the email. An extra tag, /END , can be inserted. It will indicate that all content following this tag is ignored.

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