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Product description When you are on-the-go, Popfax Call Transfer makes it easy to transfer calls to another phone, including your home, office, mobile, or any phone number anywhere within the country of your Popfax number. All you have to do is purchase the “ Option Pack ”, activate the “ Voice parameters ” in your account setup, and then enable “ Call transfer ”. As soon as you have enabled the Call Transfer option you can still send faxes, but calls to your Popfax number will no longer be received by the Popfax service platform, meaning that you are no longer able to receive fax messages via Popfax services. If the Popfax number is redirected to another fax number (for instance a local fax machine), all inbound faxes will be forwarded there. However, the quality of the transferred line is not managed by Popfax, thus no guarantee is given on proper fax reception. Per minute charges apply to all transferred calls. They are deducted from the credit on your account. When your account runs out of credits, call forwarding is interrupted.

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How it works Call Transfer is included in the Option Pack , and can be activated only with a Send & Receive package. In order to activate Call transfer take the following steps: My account > Account management > Voice parameters > Step 1: Voice parameters > Enable Step 2: Call transfer management > Enable You can add up to 5 numbers in your call transfer list, but only one default number to which your Popfax number will be redirected. You can assign a name to each of them to make it more user friendly. Once you select the number to which your calls will be redirected, it can take a couple of minutes for the transfer to be effective. When someone calls your Popfax number, it will be forwarded to your chosen number and charged in Pop units from your account. The call will not be placed if you run out of Pop units (instead it will be forwarded to the voice/fax messaging system), so make sure you have enough credit on your account.

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