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Product description Voice mail is an option developed by Popfax for customers interested in reliable and innovative Unified Messaging Services, and is included in the Option Pack. The voice messaging feature is a voice recorder associated with a Popfax account. It detects the type of call received, playing a personalized welcome message to voice calls or a fax tone to fax calls, and then acts as an answering machine that records the incoming message. Recorded messages are forwarded by email or stored online in a Popfax account. As soon as you activate your voicemail option Popfax plays a default welcome message to any voice call. You also have the option of uploading a personalized welcome message recorded as a WAV file. The maximum duration allowed for your personal greeting message is 2 minutes, and its minimum duration is 7 seconds. Brian calls John’s Popfax number: he can leave a voice message! Popfax fax number John’s unified Popfax Voice and Fax mailbox. John is not available or did not enable call transfer John

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How it works The voice mail option can be activated from “Account management”, “Voice parameters” page by clicking on the “Enable” button. Here you can upload a personalized greeting message (WAV file) and set up the language of your Voice mail menu: this is the language in which the default greeting message will be played and the language of the voice menu that helps you customize your account by phone. This feature allows you to receive incoming voice messages on your Popfax number and to listen to them from your Popfax account, as attachments in your email, or by calling your Popfax number. Your Popfax Voice mail allows you to receive up to 50 messages of 2 minutes each. Voice messages are automatically deleted from the Inbox after 30 days . In order to access your Popfax Voice Mail, you must call your Popfax number and type in your 4 digit PIN on your phone keyboard while the Welcome message is playing. New messages are automatically played when you reach Voice mail. You can also access all your voice messages by pressing 1 after the main menu. At the end of the voice message, if no action is requested, the next message is automatically played after 2 seconds . John can listen to his voice messages in his online Popfax account attachments received by email by calling his Popfax number and typing in his PIN number John’s Popfax Voice mailbox

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