Calculating 400 meter Potential

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Calculating 400 meter Potential from previous 200, 100, and 60 meter performances.


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Calculating 400 meter Potential:

Jimson Lee Calculating 400 meter Potential

Jimson Lee,

Jimson Lee,

A Word of Warning:

A Word of Warning If it is a horse, then it has 4 legs If it has 4 legs, then it is a horse

200m to 400m potential:

200m to 400m potential 200m (SB) doubled, plus 3.5 or 4 sec slowdown is about 8-9% from 200m time 200m (SB) doubled, times 1.08 or 1.09 The faster your 200m time, the faster your 400m potential The bottom line is speed, speed reserve and speed endurance .

100m to 200m Potential:

100m to 200m Potential 200m potential is based on your 100m time 200 meter potential = 100m season best doubled + / - 0.2 seconds That’s plus or minus 0.2 seconds

60m to 100m Extrapolation:

60m to 100m Extrapolation Your 100m time is based on your 60m time 100 meter potential = 60m (SB) x 1.53 or 1.54 60 meter time is based on your 30 meter, or 40 yard dash

Speed Reserve is the Key:

Speed Reserve is the Key Raw speed is key. 400m is not run with max vel , that differential is called speed reserve Speed reserve is your top speed minus actual running speed. A better Speed Reserve means less effort over first 200m Working backwards, 60 -> 100 -> 200 -> 400

Quincy Watts, 1992 Olympics:

Quincy Watts, 1992 Olympics

60 to 400m Equivalents:

60 to 400m Equivalents

60 to 400m (50-60 sec):

60 to 400m (50-60 sec)

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Calculating 400 meter Potential:

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