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Take Your Fitness Career To Next Level With Cert 4 In Fitness Do you wish to excel your career in sports and Fitness Well then it is important for you to know about how to become a certified trainer. Various institutes in Australia offer fitness programs that are ideal for students who have a strong interest in health fitness or sport. The online course of Certificate IV in Fitness is the perfect way to become a certified trainer. It allows you to balance your work and study commitments at the same time. Overview of the course To become a certified personal trainer you need to undertake the Certificate IV in Fitness. It is a nationwide accepted qualification that allows you to train and develop your own client base in an unsupervised setting. What do you learn from the course The SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness will develop the specialist skills to train individual clients or groups in a variety of settings. If you undertake this course you’ll responsible for: • Plan the perfect set of exercise programs for your clients • Apply your knowledge of exercise science principles in the best interest of the client • Ability to Undertake client postural appraisals and other fitness tests to understand their needs better • Undertake muscle testing and functional range of movement • Develop a wide range of variety of exercise programs • Run a small business of your own as a trainer

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Some of the topics you will study include: • Exercise Science • Planning and developing exercise programs for clients • Small business planning and marketing • Special Populations of Clients such as teenagers and children • Advanced Client Screening and assessment procedures Job Outcomes for the course: People who qualify these programs are primarily employed as personal trainers in a fitness or leisure facility or in their own business. However if you are looking for undertaking this program then commencing it from Fit Education is the right step toward building a career in fitness industry. Source by- https://fiteducation221170905.wordpress.com/2019/02/01/take-your-fitness- career-to-next-level-with-cert-4-in-fitness/