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Importance of Certificate 3 Certificate 4 in Fitness Ready to make fitness sphere a part of your career Well here is all you need to know about how to build your career in the fitness Industry. If you are prepared to be a fitness instructor or a personal trainer then here are some certification courses you need to undertake to become a certified trainer in Australia. Start your personal training career The minimum qualification required by the fitness trainer to get an employment is certification 3 and 4 in fitness. • Certificate III in Fitness It is your stepping-stone if you wish to become a fitness trainer. This will help you learn about how to conduct fitness assessments and programs that is to be delivered to your client base in order to let them achieve their fitness goal. Upon completion of this program you can work in the gym as a personal trainer and help in teaching exercises and write exercises programs. • Certificate IV in Fitness Certificate IV in Fitness enables you to refine your practice of client health and fitness assessment. This course makes you eligible to become a Personal trainer. It is a more in-depth course that enhances your skills you have mastered during Certificate III course. The major goal of this course is to prepare you for giving one on one training. The skill includes in this course are outdoor training corrective exercise boxing drills posture assessment and

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partner stretching. This course also helps you in understanding how to maintain a strong client base. These programs provide you with an added advantage of being selected over others. As in this world full of awareness and authenticity everyone loves to work under someone who is a certified trainer and can help them better in achieving their goals. f it ed u c a t io n .ed u .a u provides cert 3 and 4 in fitness courses in Australia that may be studied full time or part time to suit your lifestyle. Just get equipped with the right qualification focus more on building your career and manage a huge client base. Source By: certificate-4-in-fitness/